Bring Back Taunt Spamming, Please!

I can’t be the only one who found spamming your equipped taunt in the character select menu to make waiting bearable. Now, however, you can only do it with your default taunt, regardless of which taunt you equip. Gearbox, PLEASE consider changing it back to the way it was!


Bring it back, Devs.

Or there’ll be TROUBLE!

shakes fist “menacingly”


you can still do it, its just not as clear to you now because the menu will be in the way.

you can either make the spam taunt your default/favorited taunt in the command menu of that character and do it as normal
you can select the taunt you want while in the match lobby and just switch between the gear and skin tabs instead of the skin and taunt tabs


It still seems to be working on PC. Select taunt, switch to skin selection, highlight skin, press taunt bind, press OK/select bind (picks skin, cancels animation). One of the best hidden features in Battleborn. :smiley:

That’s the method I use. Maybe some of the other methods (swapping pages, for example) aren’t working as well, now?


Tested and confirmed! Thank you for sharing this! The only part that can be problematic is if you accidently go back into the taunt menu, as it will reset your taunt and force you to re-pick the one you want, then start over in the gear and skin menus.


On PC nothing has changed. You can spam whatever you want whenever you want. At least 1 thing is better on PC, I guess.


Quicker aiming too.

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