Bring back the Grinder....with more utilities

Everyone that played TPS know what is the grinder and what it did. Wasnt that good but it has its uses. Jump back to 2019 and BL3 came out! While i’m not playing anymore, this game has so much potential to be the best BL game ever. The only thing that stopped me and my wife playing was the complete RNG crazyness the loot has. Don’t get me wrong, we played BL1 from day 1, Played BL2 for 5 years, up to OP10 so we know what farming is. My problem isnt that I don’t enjoy farming for stuff, my problem is I don’t like farming for stuff and rely on a 0.0015% chance to get something I can use on my VH that legitimate the amount of time iv’e spent farming it.

BL2: Kill Bunker 50 times, get your shield. Now that shield could prob have better stats but it sure as hell wasnt complete trash.

BL3: Kill Traunt 50 times, unless you have insane luck you prob didnt get what you were looking for or if the gun you wanted dropped, chances are its not the right anoint,element and has the bonuses you want.

BL3 Devs said they looked up to Diablo 3 for their loot system and that , in itself, made me excited when I first heard it before the game came out. After playing it, I can see they were saying the thruth but they got it wrong IMHO. While D3 is raining legendaries, most of the time crappy like BL3, it also gives the players means to make use of these crap legendaries. You can destroy them to upgrade others, you can extract powers, reroll 1 stat on it and that stat “slot” becomes locked, which means that you can only change that stat in the future.

TPS grinder could come into play here. BL3 likes D3 loot system, they have the mean to build even more on it.

you could feed a legendary gun to the grinder and have a choice to extract the element or anointment, not both. The extrated stuff could be saved in your grinder or become a “card” that can be stored away in your bank and could then be used at the grinder to swap an existing element or anointment on a gun of your choice. All this would cost eridium.

The grinder would also have another option to change a bonus on any piece of equipment, you put the item in the grinder and push the button, you then get a randomly generated pool of Stats that can be on said equipment. Each reroll cost eridium and increase with each push of the button.

2 simple systems that would make a lot of sense considering the current loot system. People would still have some kind or “reward” for finding legendaries.

I was against that Idea before playing BL3 for months because that kind of system would not work in BL2… I really think it make sense in BL3.

Let me know what you guys think


Yeah, D3-style item crafting would be an excellent feature for BL3.

Needs to happen. Endgame uses for eridium and (in-game not IRL) $ are non-existent ATM.


And this system doesn’t go against the “lore” of the game either.

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Literally anything would be an improvement over the nothing we have now tbh. I’ve made several comments since the first month the game was out that included or were about another system of currency to be used somehow in the end game. But here we are with them basically starting all over again because mayhem 2.0 entirely broke the game so they have to chase their tails for another 3 months sorting out their own screwups :frowning:


We want to ensure players have a use for all the Eridium they’ve collected throughout the galaxy. The Veteran Rewards machine will receive a shipment of mission-specific rewards that players can redeem once a mission ends. In addition, you’ll have good reason to pull out the Eridian Fabricator, dust it off, and start shooting out weapons with your gun gun. We’re considering ways to increase the rate of Legendaries that the Eridian Fabricator can shoot out at the expense of more Eridium for each trigger pull.

Though not mentioned, I hope they will consider adding Challenge rewards to the Veteran Rewards machine as well (Bekah, Scoville, Wedding Invitation, etc).


I am aware of that, It doesn’t change anything for the problem I mentioned tho. It’s cool they are doing that but it does not help anyone be more efficient in their farming.

Sorry, I forgot to quote @j_r_hicks87 (edited it in later). I was responding to his point about there currently being no uses for Eridium.

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I’d forgotten that they mentioned those changes in the Dev Update on 2.0.

I too am hoping that the rewards that can be obtained include the challenge completion rewards as well as mission rewards, but also that “mission rewards” includes things like the Red Suit and not only mission reward uniques like Mendel’s.

Now we need an endgame use for $ that isn’t “gamble it all on slots trying to get more Eridium.”

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Love op…i feel ur points 100% playing with my wife. She wont play anymore

She says theres no reward. We grinded the living daylight outta bl2… If we killed something 50 times were gonna get quite a few of the weapon. Perfect version? Maybe maybe not, still a good usuable weapon. Bl3? Lol good luck seeing it drop and if it does itll be class and build locked by anoints.

I cant believe we’re at a point where she doesnt like this game anymore because of Mayhem 2.0.

We enjoyed all the OP LVLS.


Basically, there’s just too many variables.

People always want the best, but add too many variables to rng, and you get frustrated players. Anointments only made this worse.


yeah grinder farming is cool.

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This is the problem. In previous games, when a legendary (or even a rare purple or whatever) dropped, it was usable. No matter where you were, what character you were playing (except COMs) or what you were doing, if it was your level you could use it and do OK. If it was a really good legendary, you’d do great. And if you found another one the same, you’d compare stats and use the better one, until you ended up with the best version (for you) that you could get.
At OP10, I could play with almost any random legendary that dropped, even if it wasn’t the best stats for that item. It was tough, and took some skill, but I managed and felt happy playing. In BL3, that’s not the case at M10.
In BL3, most of the loot that drops isn’t worth touching, especially once you get towards endgame. And for the higher level endgame (mayhem levels), only near-perfect gear will do, so 99.999999% of drops are worthless. If you’re playing at that level, it feels unrewarding. At least if we had some way to improve loot to bridge the gap between good and near-perfect, or between near-perfect and perfect, more loot would be viable.


100% agree

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I would also love some form of RNG mitigation like this, and it would also be a good way to utilize Eridium and cash.
I liked Torchlight 2’s system where the enchanters used for customizing gear (enchantments were a bit like anointments in BL3) showed up randomly in the wilds. Was a nice way of encouraging mobbing and adventuring even after completing the game (crappy enchanters were still available in towns, but imo BL3 wouldn’t need that).


Totally agree with OP…

some type of weapons grinder/shop/repair facility/upgrade …whatever is totally needed.

And Eridium is the perfect currency.

AND…(I can’t believe I am saying this because of how much I disliked Destiny 2 at the end but)…How about an “infusion” capability to raise the level of the gun or piece of equipment? Say you have a superb Boom Sickle…with the parts, prefix, element and anointment you wanted. But it’s at 50 and you are now at 57. Destiny solves this with an infusion system where you can level up a godroll using other resources. (One of the few really good systems in that game).

We need it in BL3!


I don’t know anything about Diablo games, but all that sounds pretty awesome. In particular the single locked stat bit.

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It works great and trust me, there is still farming to be done lol. The single locked stat of your choice gives you the opportunity to change 1 stat to something better and also prevent people from getting 1 drop only and change it completely by crafting. Its win win.

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Yeah, and each stat could only reroll to certain OTHER stats. So like…
If I got a Bul’Kathos Sword on my Barbarian (one of the main set weapons for that class) but it had no socket (which…isn’t possible anymore but used to be. Set items always have a socket now but bare with me for the sake of the example) I could sacrifice say, Critical Strike to get a socket (potentially).

However I COULD NOT reroll, say the Strength, into it. Or the Resistance into it. So you couldnt just pick the stat you hated and reroll it, you had to reroll the stat that COULD reroll into the other stat you wanted. So you could potentially trade your 2nd best stat for your 1st best stat. In that game sockets rule, they are the absolute must have on gear. If your gear doesnt have sockets, you need to sacrifice a stat to get one.

So now you have one that has a socket, and some decent stats. And it’ll work REALLY well. However by farming you can still get one that naturally HAS a socket, AND that stat you had to sacrifice and will still be all around better, even though the one you have isn’t exactly useless trash anymore.

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Just the grinder from TPS would be something nice. Being able to grind up guns you don’t want and possible get something you do want or could use was nice both at start and at the end of the game.

It would help so very much if you could reroll annointments on weapons with Eridium.

You find find a good weapon, you pay for applying the annointment you want that completes your build and go out and have fun.

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