Bring back the Z button!

In the original game, all you had to do was press (or hold) the “Z” button in order to use a ship’s special ability, regardless of what that ability was. It doesn’t seem like there is such a feature anymore, unless I’m just an idiot, in which case I hope someone will tell me what button I need to press in order to repair/speed burst/salvage/cloak/gravity because it’s driving me nuts. I tried the special attack button, as it’s assigned in the game’s control settings, and that doesn’t seem to be the one-size fits all special ability button.

Also, I couldn’t get my support frigates to repair my corvettes - can you really only set repair corvettes to repair other corvettes now?


It is kind of annoying to not be able to press a single button for the special ability.


Maybe this would fix the group salvage problem :smirk: