Bring cartel weapons up to lvl 60 stats for next patch

Hi Devs,

As the level cap increase is upon us, i don’t mind farming all my favorite guns again but at least bring the cartel weapons up to speed at lvl 60. It is stupid to have the cartel weapons useless already when everyone is at lvl 60 when this event was only introduced few months ago.


In order to not overpower the leveling content i suggest, when player reaches lvl 60, you automatically given a quest at Sanctuary to upgrade the cartel weapons to level 60 dmg and stats…

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What if they added event weapons like OPQ or Ghast Call for example to the portfolio of the Veteran Machine?


Cartel weapons was only meant to be available during the said event. They aren’t meant to be added back into the game though.

all im suggesting is dev should take a deep look at the issue with Cartel weapons being completely useless at level 60.

I’m sure a lot of people would love to still use their OPQ including myself. One of the weapon they actually introduced that is fun and good…

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Yes but how would you want them to change it? Should they implement a machine in game where you can change the current level of your event gun to the new max level?

They’re other event weapons that are good too most notable like Wedding Invitation. Not just Cartel event but anyhow they’re events. I rather they USE the time and resources to fix the game and make getting loot actually worth it. For me I getting stale with loot with anointeds that has a nasty rng chance with it


or just add them to the world drop pool?
whats the point of exclusive content for a game that you paid for?


Nah… Let them die. Event weapons are always OP… And event weapons are really just beta testa for weapons that will come out in the next dlc.

If they are to become available do NOT put them in the world pool… That thing is messed up enough. You want event weapons to stay… the. The events should semi-stay. I can still get to heck… why can’t I run through the map and farm captain haunt for ghast call… I can still get to the cartel map… why can’t I still run through the area killing mobs and farm Joey for the OPQ. These areas should be like head hunter packs and replayable at any time … limited time events are awful and create fake value.

Either let the area be farmable for select weapons or wipe the garbage off the game.


imagine destroying op 10 content with mayhem 0 gun yeah that is veding invitation who some people calimed was no more powerful than headsplosion a ■■■■■■■ headsplosion lol

Doesn’t matter… When the unseen threat Beata both of them… Wait till dlc 3… Then the rest will be obsolete again lol

Agree completely.

They’ve been doing this same crap since the last DLC of BL2. Take existing legendaries, slap on new skins and call them new weapons. To make them popular, give them OP stats.

This is how the power creep in this game is happening and they end up breaking the balance.

I hope they learn from the mistakes some day.

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Yes… Someday :roll_eyes:

good idea.

yea i don’t understand the idea behind temporary event content which is then completely removed from the game philosophy. If anyone understand the logic behind that please enlighten me lol.

why would you spend time and effort as a dev to create fun and good content and only to remove it later on in the game …

why ?

well maybe not removed but making it inaccessible rather…

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people say its because they want us to go crazy about it and do nothing but farming for a month but yea, everyone just hates it^^

wut ???
eh m mmmmm… O K ? lol