Bring The Chaos As Orendi | Battleborn Orendi Build Guide



  1. Cooldown
  2. Skill Damage
  3. Health Regen
    Notes: >Replace Skill Damage with Orendi’s legendary when you get it.
    >Secondary Stats: 1 with Regen, 2 (1 if you use legendary) with Skill Damage.


  1. Fire Walk With Me
    The reason here is simple. While Burned and Busted may help in some situations Fire Walk With Me has much more use. The only reason Burned and Busted will ever come in handy is if the whole enemy team is Oscar Mike.

  2. Dismissed!
    I Hate Your Pretty Shields has such a short blind that by the time the attack animation ends they can see again (or are real close) so it has absolutely zero use. However, Dismissed! allows you to push them off cliffs, back into Shadowfire Pillars and even into a group of allies to enjoy the show as they rip them to pieces.

  3. Oh That Reminds Me
    Let’s Bounce isn’t the greatest since Nullify is amazing for bouncing back to your team for support. You NEVER want to bounce the way you’re running. Mind Bullets would be amazing but sadly it only effects the secondary attack. Best choice here is the shield recharge since Orendi has no natural health regen. Having your shields start to recharge imediently can be an amazing boost for Orendi.

  4. Encore/Power Pillar
    Never choose the middle here. It makes the attack faster but it cuts the damage in half. Preamble of Pain has some use but after a bunch of testing I found Power Pillar (Now called Encore) better in both PvE and PvP.

  5. Prognostication
    I used to think Prognosticombo was superior but after a bunch of testing I found this to be much better. Sure Prognosticombo allows you to use her passive more often but after you finish your combo fully it will be recharged again so why not go for even more cooldown reduction on Shadowfire Pillar. One thing’s for sure. ALWAYS avoid the middle option here.

  6. Shadowfury
    The choice here is quite clear. Your main damage is going to be Shadowfire Pillar so why not buff it more? And it’s not like you use Nullify for putting out a bunch of damage.

  7. Situational
    This one depends on your team comp (whether PvP or PvE). If you have an amazing healer who is doing their job quite well then feel free to choose Force of Will for the extra damage. However, if you lack a healer, are flying solo in story mode or your healer just sucks then be sure to pick Essence Theft for some heal power so you can stay in the fight longer and never forget, if t=you feel overwhelmed you can hit down on the arrowpad (at least for PS4, IDK about Xbox or what key for PC) to warp back to your spawn for a swift getaway.

  8. Rapid Deterioration
    The shield pierce may sound nice but it comes down to the fact you won’t be using Nullify for your main damage output. Considering this just choose the faster cooldown since doing so also means faster Pillars.

  9. Shadowfire Storm
    Never use the middle since you are gonna be playing her pretty close range anyways. Again, the shield pierce may sound nice but speaking from experience Orewndi pumps out enough damage to blast shields away insanely fast. Just go for faster Pillar cooldown so you can pump out more damage.

  10. Situational
    For PvE always choose Reign of Chaos so you can get more Pillars. This is due to the fact that the mutation here only helps in PvP. Speaking of, in PvP always choose Pillarstorm. This mutation is insanely overpowered. It literally spawns a Shadowfire Pillar under every enemy Battleborn near the attack!

For a more in depth guide be sure to check out my video. In it I review the helix choices for those who don’t know about this thread and go over the play style a bit. Click the link here

I agree with most of this, however I find switching out the cooldown for a shard generator and forgoing the legendary for a more economical skill damage item is a better option for PvP.

Pretty much the exact same setup I use besides for #2 I go with the blind anyways.

Also for the gear, I have an epic skill damage and max shield. It was the EXACT SAME as my legendary lore gear (minus the legendary bonus) until they nerfed them all to their lowest stats. Now I run the epic gear since I don’t find much benefit from the legendary gear but I dunno, I guess it would still help non the less.

I can see why that would work. This is a bit biased off of my preference and playstyle and I have no difficulty getting my gear fast. If I find something much better than the legendary I may swap it on. Also, not a bad idea with the shard generator.

Every time I get hit with the blind it wears off in time to see them hit the ground allowing me to overwhelm them before they even know what happened. Also, I can see why you’d stop using the legendary but I find it helps with Encore since I like to cast one behind and one in front so it’s more likely they get hit by at least one.

Ah ha. I had a feeling. Read the text on Orendi’s lengendary and you will notice it says full cast. That means you would have to miss both pillars to receive the boost.

Just read it and it doesn’t say full cast, just if a pillar misses meaning it should (and seems to but it’s hard to tell since I only get 5 seconds to cast meaning it will fuse with the damage from the other. I’ll test it more.) buff encore.

[quote]If a full cast of shadowfire pillar does no damage, the next pillar to hit deals 25% more damage[/quote]If you google imaged a picture you were probably looking at the old one which was broken. It gave you a 25% buff permanently.

gonna have to disagree with the level 9 helix. try that out with close to 30 pct shield pen on gear with the 60 pct shield pen on pillar. ive one shotted a marquis that wasnt missing much health and had his whole shield.

I read it from the game.

Nice but I personally find it more useful to have more Pillars

Tactically I go with Lets Bounce over the other because I use null to enhance my jumps…

I usually go firewalk, dismissed, let’s bounce, and Preamble, then whatever.
That allows you to play very aggressively, even against a well coordinated team and is how Orendi should be played.

Interesting. Only reason I avoid Let’s Bounce is that it can be quite risky at times though since APPARENTLY (it’s happened to me) if you get hit right as you use it it counts that as running that way (launch off the map due to that several times)

For the most part I agree with those. However, I tend to avoid Let’s Bounce due to the rare occurrence of the launch being influenced by the enemy. And as for Preamble, it’s good but you can deal more damage with the alternative (and even if you miss with one you get a damage boost to the next.)

I find that with preamble it confuses the enemy and they actually end up getting hit with the full pillar.

Let’s bounce is just fun. Sometimes you can catapult yourself into the air. It has a bit of a learning curve all its own, but once you get a feel for it you can do imposible things like kill thralls with stacks of flame.

Plus, if you press in no direction while jumping you do a normal backward escape.

Try nulling into a Montana, with ‘I hate your pretty eyes’ and ‘lets bounce’, then drop a shadow pillar on him as you land… XD it is so much fun, my build is: 1: Firewalk with me 2: I hate your pretty eyes 3: lets bounce 4: preamble of pain 5: prognosticombo 6: coin toss but usually Shadowfuy 7: Essence theft 8: Rapid deterioration 9: Shadowfire Storm 10: Reign of Chaos, sometimes Pillarstorm but the mutation is pvp only and needs a pve wording… Early in at lvl 3 you’re resetting your shadowfire pillar as you lay out fire along the central pathway, at 5 you see the cooldown loop, by 9 I’m almost constantly nulling around as my pillars crop up along my enemies’ escape routes… Reign of Chaos helps in keeping the loop going… I stopped using dismissed when I was done with the lore…
My gear is the variable morpher an exploiting retracting wristblade and a smart easy money… And if I miss with my shadowfire pillar it is because I have successfully stopped my opponent from going somwhere… Also if it looks risky and your null threatens to send you off map just change direction…