Bringing back the loot the universe

If gearbox decides to do another loot the universe event instead of doing entire worlds how about bosses instead like loot the world from bl2 and have it rotate gear through bosses per day that way we dont just get the same gear over and over instead thoughts?

Not up for anything that might mess up the loot pool. Assuming they polish up the 2.0 loot first. I don’t know I’ll like it as I could be double farming for something within certain bosses


I enjoy the LtU event. Been farming for coms and artifacts and been getting nice surprises on weapons that we all know will be brought up to standard.

As far as the Boss farming goes, I would welcome a slight increase in dedicated/specific drops but not to crazy levels. In this game, once you have so-called God Rolls what do you next? Run the Takedown a few times and get bored with it? I’ve always seen Borderlands as hunting for something better, so there always has to be something better to chase.

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Yes the events that have had less global reach have tended to be very popular such as Takedown and Rare Spawn.

These also targetted some of the hardest to get loot and alleviated the RNG lucky dip stress.

Put a bounty on the head of a boss and let those VH’s have at it Gearbox. :grinning: :+1:

Truth, the Takedown has always been horrendous and I had hoped the drop rate would have stayed afterwards…that’s just painful for the table scraps that MAY drop.

I mention Shakedown as often as I can when I’m posting, I am hoping for some subliminal messaging to kick in with the dev’s.