Bringing Skill Trees Back from the Dead

There has been some, I’ve just had some things at work to deal with as of late that have limited how much time I can put into my personal projects. :slight_smile:




Sorry to keep bugging this thread, but I really anticipate this project and its template. So I understand if you have other stuff you’re working on, but I going to at least make sure it’s in the back of your mind. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s actually going to be the first thing i work one after Battleborn Day is over. :wink:


My spidey sense is tingling, has it been 2 months? It’s kinda weird and a little freaky that I magically remember this thread again after 2 months without any reminders.

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Haha yes! Some things happened and I ended up focusing my efforts into some Destiny 2 projects. I will defintely get back to this project at some point! Maybe when @MentalMars starts chomping at the bit. :eyes:


Well @lowlines was one of the people who did a lot of work for Battleborn Day 4. We have worked together for a few weeks to organize a great event. We spend a lot of our free time into this project. After things wrapped up we decided to take some time off. Take things easy for a bit.

However we are still creators, so lowlines “casually” dived into his projects and I dived into mine. Just fun and passionate creation without deadlines.

The skill trees was also part of a Borderlands project i’m working on. The additional development time of “the highly anticipated game by 2K Games” (read Borderlands 3) also impacted the urge to have this project done asap.

Currently i’m exploring 2 projects of which the skill trees can be part of.
Project 1 - foundation ready, needs content.
Project 2 - is getting upgrades and in the “middle” of transitioning.

We both do these projects in our spare time, we both have full time jobs and a family that are also competing for our time :wink: sooo… work in progress


It’s fine with me. The 2 month thing is just when I usually remember this thread again for whatever reason. When it comes to free content, I never hold anything against an individual if they choose to take longer, or not do it at all. I just highly anticipate this project, so I sorta said I’d check in (every 2 to 3 months) for an update, and lowlines seemed to be fine with it.

If my earlier post came off as sarcasm, then I’m sorry, it wasn’t supposed to. It’s just me having fun with it.

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No offence taken. I haven’t been very public with my projects. But it is great to see that you (and hopefully some other people) are looking forward to the things we create.


Well I for one certainly am! The stuff you guys put together for the last community Battleborn Day was really neat.

Now if only there was some way to persuade Gearbox to support you guys by increasing the Community Day Heads and Skins for some event or other…

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All good! Honestly, the more demand I get for something, the higher priority it will be for me to work on it. I like to share what I’m working on early, but that comes with the catch it might be a while until it is ready or I might even decide to abandon a project for various reasons. There is currently a lot of demand for Destiny 2 resources (and it’s also the game I am playing the most atm), so that makes it easier to work on stuff for it. I love Borderlands, but I haven’t any of the games in months and the last one came out a good while ago. But once Gearbox starts talking more about what comes next, you will likely see me shift my focus more to Borderlands etc. :slight_smile:

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I kept my word and have gotten back to working on the Skill Trees again. Apologizes to folks who have been waiting for updates on this, but this is the nature of development and it has been a very busy year for me!

I’ve been tweeting progress updates over the last week and I’ll try to remember to repost them here for non-Twitter folks!

Implementing History Web APIs

Adding Language Support

Making the Skill Trees Mobile Friendly

I hoping to have the Borderlands 2 / VR skill trees ready for the release of the PS4 VR port on December 14.


Awesome Lowlines, if it’s anything like your Battleborn work, this will be super useful…

So I don’t quite understand the purpose of this project, are you re-doing as an app or are you giving greater functionality to I’m pretty low tech so apologies if I’m just missing the obvious here…

I’m building a tool that will eventually support all the borderlands games. There have been some quality community projects pop over the years, but when i started, most of them were dead or incomplete. :slight_smile:

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The challenge this weekend was to successfully export the skill tree stats so that they might be loaded in dynamically without any manual wireup. Behind those simple looking stats is a big spaghetti mess of object references that you need to resolve in order to get the actual value for something. “More Pep” is one of the more basic examples. :S


The results of my time in resolver hell! I’m currently going through and checking/fixing skill stats for every character. I’m hoping to have this done this weekend so I can look at mobile support and then the skill trees for the other games.

Fun fact: It looks like some skill tree changes are still being applied via hotfixes as Zer0’s “Deathmark” skill got a buff Nov 6, 2015 and yet the game data still returns the pre-buffed value!


Yeah, the October 2015 update that was supposed to fix certain things broke some stuff on Zer0, so we ended up with hotfixes. As far as I know, there’s still at least one hotfix needed that was never rolled into a permanent patch. You could check the release notes - it should all be listed there.

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This weekend was all about mobile support. I first had to clean up my overall site navigation as I was loosing a lot of screen real estate and then I rebuilt the skill tree UI from the ground up for mobile. I’ll probably tinker with it some more, but at least I’ve gotten over the initial hurdle of trying to fit the darn thing on a smaller screen!


Just a quick update. The skill trees are mostly done, however I don’t think I’ll have everything ready to go live with the launch of Borderlands 2 VR. I’m hopeful I’ll be able to push it up some time this month though!


Any they are live!


How do you take skill points off? I was expecting right-click to do that, but it didn’t.

Also, super-cool that ALL THE GAMES ARE ON ONE SITE!