Bringing Skill Trees Back from the Dead

(lowlines - PS4) #21

The challenge this weekend was to successfully export the skill tree stats so that they might be loaded in dynamically without any manual wireup. Behind those simple looking stats is a big spaghetti mess of object references that you need to resolve in order to get the actual value for something. “More Pep” is one of the more basic examples. :S

(lowlines - PS4) #22

The results of my time in resolver hell! I’m currently going through and checking/fixing skill stats for every character. I’m hoping to have this done this weekend so I can look at mobile support and then the skill trees for the other games.

Fun fact: It looks like some skill tree changes are still being applied via hotfixes as Zer0’s “Deathmark” skill got a buff Nov 6, 2015 and yet the game data still returns the pre-buffed value!

(Is this thing on?) #23

Yeah, the October 2015 update that was supposed to fix certain things broke some stuff on Zer0, so we ended up with hotfixes. As far as I know, there’s still at least one hotfix needed that was never rolled into a permanent patch. You could check the release notes - it should all be listed there.

(lowlines - PS4) #24

This weekend was all about mobile support. I first had to clean up my overall site navigation as I was loosing a lot of screen real estate and then I rebuilt the skill tree UI from the ground up for mobile. I’ll probably tinker with it some more, but at least I’ve gotten over the initial hurdle of trying to fit the darn thing on a smaller screen!

(lowlines - PS4) #25

Just a quick update. The skill trees are mostly done, however I don’t think I’ll have everything ready to go live with the launch of Borderlands 2 VR. I’m hopeful I’ll be able to push it up some time this month though!

(lowlines - PS4) #26

Any they are live!

(Is this thing on?) #27

How do you take skill points off? I was expecting right-click to do that, but it didn’t.

Also, super-cool that ALL THE GAMES ARE ON ONE SITE!

(lowlines - PS4) #28

…There’s a reset button at the bottom. It doesn’t charge you money to reset your skill points like in-game though!

This is something I overlooked because I was so focused on making it work across all devices. It’s definitely something I am going to add in the next update…after I’ve had some rest! :sweat_smile:


If you know how to pipe bits into an integer, you could also try hacking the url! Each skill node occupies 5 bits, which is done to keep the share urls as short as possible.


@lowlines You goddamn hero, you.

(Is this thing on?) #30

Well I do, and I could, but I usually don’t have time for that kind of stuff!
Great job on the project, though.

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #31

Great job. But a couple things (from a quick glance) before I go and binge myself on the new Warframe content.

  • You forgot the extra skill points you get for completing the Moxxi and Robolution DLC in BL1 (in each playthrough). So 4 in total.
  • You are one skill point short in TPS I believe.
  • You’re one short with BL2 and BL1 as well. Might have something to do with what I mentioned below.
  • And most skill builders out there already have the action skill “spent”, and personally it will take me forever to remember I need to do it. So maybe consider changing it?

(Bryanswpaulsen) #32

I played with the calculator for Brick. The skill points only added up to level 68 when it should add up to level 69. Also, the 4 total skill points available from playthrough 1 and 2 of DLC 2 and 4 are missing.

Combined that is 5 missing skill points.

(lowlines - PS4) #33

It’s been a while since I played BL1, so I don’t even remember there being extra skill points! The rest is just math errors, which should be easy to fix.
@MentalMars told me about making the action skill auto “spent”, will have to revisit that as well.

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #34

On the Salvador page, it caps me out at level 71… like there’s a skill point missing. I haven’t tried the others.

(lowlines - PS4) #35

I just pushed an update that should hopefully fixe the skill point errors. The Action Skill is also now selected by default and I’ve added support for the 4 bonus skills points in BL1. Thanks for your feedback folks! :heart:

(Is this thing on?) #36

You, sir, are a steely-eyed missile man!


Once you reach max level and reset the skills, the action skill resets as well and cannot be selected any more. Youe need to change the character/game or reload the page to fix it. I’ve checked BL2 and TPS.
Edit: the same is for BL1.

(lowlines - PS4) #38

Really? Hmm. I’ll have to look into that. :thinking:


Alright this should be fixed now! I was auto selecting the Action Skill before the skill tree had fully reset causing it to get stuck.

(Bryanswpaulsen) #39

Not a criticism, but worth considering for being thematic in game… In Borderlands 1, once you hit 20 skill points the color for the tree is entirely “filled in” and the old 2kdownloads link functions similarly. In your skill tree it takes 25 skill points to achieve that.

Other than that, I have nothing to say other than great job.

(lowlines - PS4) #40

Yeah its probably another math error. I think some things changed during development it and lost a bit of accuracy. :thinking:

The in-game one slows down the closer to the bottom you are, but it’s a bit harder to do that accurately here.