Bringing Skill Trees Back from the Dead

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It is so minor as to be irrelevant and was just a tiny suggestion. If you can implement it easily all the better, but what you already have is fantastic. Not only do you have the only series-wide character builder, but it is a vast improvement on anything offered for Borderlands 1 (2kdownloads only goes to level 50 and 87bazillion has limited aesthetic appeal).

Fantastic work!

(Is this thing on?) #42

Don’t some of those also require Flash? shudder :ghost:

(lowlines - PS4) #43

All of them did, the BL2/TPS ones used it to play the unlock sound effect. All of them are dead now as the website space got purged when they last updated it.

(lowlines - PS4) #44

I try to be as true to source as I can. :wink:

I’ve pushed up an update that should completely fill the branch background when 20 skill points have been spent on a tree for Borderlands 1. This also affects the other games where if you either select the final skill on a branch or the equivalent number of skill points, it fills the background. I can conditionally apply this if that isn’t how it works in-game though. :thinking:

(Bryanswpaulsen) #45

Tested it out for Borderlands 1, and it is now perfect as far as I can tell. Magnificent work!

For Borderlands 2, Krieg’s Strip the Flesh is off. It is correct for rank 1 at 3%, but it does not increase 3% for each additional rank like it should. However, the bonus while in fight for your life scales correctly.

(Bryanswpaulsen) #46

Having gone in game to compare, I realized the color being filled in, in the background, is off.

When you insert the first skill point into your action skill, the color should extend down to all of the tier 1 skills as the starting point. The old page here: demonstrates the way the color should fill in.

Thinking about it, it does seem more reasonable because skills you can select are highlighted more this way.

(Is this thing on?) #47

That’s how it works in game: the colour goes down each skill point added towards unlocking the next tier. So, a tier’s background is fully coloured as soon as you’ve put enough points in the preceding one to unlock it. works that way as well.

(Bryanswpaulsen) #48

Right. The entire accessible tier should be colored in at 0/5 and then the color of the next tier built up with each point until it finally unlocks and is colored in.

Right now lowlines character builder does not do that for Borderlands 1. The color starts short of the accessible tier with no points invested. Compare with:

The former matches the way it is done in game, the latter does not.

(lowlines - PS4) #49

Hmm that old flash ones require 25 skill points to fill a branch. So the problem was it wasn’t offset by one tier, not the amount of skill points required to complete it. :thinking:


Alright, I think I got it working correctly now! Normally each tier is a percentage based on currentTier/totalTiers, but for the final tier I grab the remaining branch fill percentage and calculate a “top off” value for each skill point spent after that point.


So I had a look at Krieg’s “Strip the Flesh” skill and it turns out the base value is being set by a conditional check that grabs the current number of skill points for that skill…That’s really annoying, but I believe I have got it calculating properly now.


There are a number of other skills that may use a similar method of dynamically calculating the base value or conditional logic. I’m currently in the process of figuring out how to support class mods so if folks could check these, that’d save me time! :heart:

Note: There could be other errors as well. Like I said, I haven’t had the time to go through and check every single skill to make sure it is calculating stats properly.


  • Hellborn - Fire Fiend
  • Hellborn - Numbed Nerves
  • Hellborn - Pain is Power
  • Bloodlust - Taste of Blood
  • Bloodlust - Bloody Revival


  • Rampage - Keep Firing…
  • Gun Lust - Divergent Likeness


  • Lawbringer - Showdown


  • Free Enterprise - Absolute Advantage


  • Servant - Quality Not Quantity


  • Dreadnought - Heatsinks


  • Boomtrap - Livin’ Near the Edge

(Bryanswpaulsen) #50

Borderlands 1:

The form and function of the Borderlands 1 skill trees are correct. The color begins where it is should and correctly fills in at 20 skill points.

Brick’s skills scale as they are supposed to. He is perfect.

Borderlands 2:

Krieg’s Strip the Flesh still shows 3% explosive damage at all 5 levels instead of correctly going 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 as the fight for your life bonus correctly does.

I checked all of his other skills and they were fine.

Borderlands TPS:

Claptrap’s All The Things Are Awesome! is not right. Claptrap’s personal benefit is supposed to be +3% Fire Rate, +3% Weapon Swap Speed, and +5% Health per level. In the skill builder only his gains when allies join scale correctly.

Pain Simulator is Painful scales correctly for the maximum health, but does not scale correctly for the Damage Reduction. For that it should go 4.8%, 9.1%, 13%, 16.7%, 20%.

Organized Guns are Happy Guns only scales correctly for the teammate bonus. Claptrap’s personal benefit is supposed to be 5% per level, not 2%.

I only checked my favorite characters from each game. Hopefully I caught everything for them.

(lowlines - PS4) #51

Did you check this after the recent update? Maybe you need to clear your browser cache?


My bad. I didn’t properly push up all the changed files. It should be correct now.

(Bryanswpaulsen) #52

All the updates you’ve done with the colors for the three games have showed up. I cleared the browser cache using the settings on the site, or so I thought. Admittedly, I am not that tech savvy. Strip the Flesh is not any different for me.

Maybe I am doing something wrong?


Just saw your edit. Will test it now.

(lowlines - PS4) #53

With the website cached cleared, this is what I see on the live version.


(Bryanswpaulsen) #54

After I saw your edit that you updated it I went and tested it.

It is now fixed.

I can safely say Brick and Krieg are good to go. Claptrap needs work.

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #55
  • (Zero) At One with the Gun - The hip-shot accuracy should scale to 125%.
  • (Zero) Backstab - Has a “Hemorrhage” value when it shouldn’t.
  • (Salvador) Keep Firing… - Has no description for me.
  • (Gaige) Buck Up - Should be 100%, not 30%.
  • (Wilhelm) Divert Power - Damage resistance starts at 100% and goes to 500%, instead of 50% to 83.3% like it should. Image
  • (Wilhelm) Welcome to the Gun Show - Scales incorrectly.
  • (Wilhelm) Heatsinks - Should scale to 30% rate and 17% delay
  • (Wilhelm) Hazmat CS - Should start at 17% and go to 50%.
  • (Wilhelm) Escalation - Has an extra 0 in the cooldown reduction.
  • (Athena) Mercurial - The damage resistance should scale up to 20%, not 25%.
  • (Claptrap) All Things are Awesome - Image The top 3 values don’t scale, and currently they are set at 100% as apposed to the image.
  • (Claptrap) Pain Simulator is Painful - The damage reduction should start at 4.8% and scale to 20%.
  • (Claptrap) Organized Guns aHG - The base magazine size should be 5% and scale to 25%.
  • (Nisha) Due Process - Has an “Enemy Damage” value when it shouldn’t.
  • (Aurelia) Magic Bullet - Has 2 question marks in diamonds in one of the values.
  • (Aurelia) Large Caliber - The magazine reduction scales exponentially. Values on the wiki
  • (Aurelia) Whiteout - Should start at 17% and scale to 50%.
  • (Aurelia) Valet - Has a “Gun Damage” value when it shouldn’t.
  • (Roland) Scattershot - The wiki says the damage should be 5% scaling to 25%.
  • (Roland) Quick Charge - The scaling starts at 2%, not 1%.
  • (Lilith) Girl Power - Should technically scale like Quick Charge.
  • (Mordecai) Loaded - Should be 20% and scale to 100%.

  • Most of your descriptions get very blurry if you zoom the page out. I’m on chrome and I provide anything else you need.
  • And the aforementioned request to right click to remove skill points.

(lowlines - PS4) #56

Why would you zoom out a page??

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #57

Because if I scroll down at all, the “character” and “game” changing tabs disappear, and it’s a chore to have to scroll up to the exact top every time (on a laptop) I want to change characters.

(lowlines - PS4) #58

That’s fair.

I’ve just pushed up an update that makes the sub navigation sticky as well as my first attempt at right-click to deselect skill points. It was actually really hard to get this working because you need to be able to detect when deselecting skill points will impact the unlock state of tiers further down the branch. For the time being, the Action Skill cannot be deselected as that’s a whole another level complicated I don’t want to deal with right now.

Note these changes may require a cache refresh.


I’ve also replaced the “Upgrade” button in the mobile view with “Add” and “Remove” so you can deselect skill points on all devices. There are some instances where the UI doesn’t disable the buttons because the check to see whether you can remove a skill point is currently being done after you make an attempt to change it.

(lowlines - PS4) #59

Sneak peak of Class Mod support that I’ve been working on this week! I’m thinking I’ll let folks set the level/grade of the class mod as it controls how many bonus skill points are applied to a skill. I’m feeling pretty confident I’ll be able to support all the games, though Borderlands 1 will be a bit more tricky!

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #60

Wow… this was all fun and games, but that’s nuts. :+1: