Bringing Skill Trees Back from the Dead

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The work he has done to this point is already something special. Adding that would be really taking it to a new level.

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It’s probably the most requested feature with the second being adding support for the Community Patches. I’ve reached out to the folks working on them, however there’s a fair amount of setup required. :confused:

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Setting aside the huge task you have undertaken with class mods… How are the skill tree changes mentioned above by khimerakiller coming along? Are they causing headaches?

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Well implementing class mods has given me more data to debug the Attribute Resolver. I was trying to debug Claptrap’s ones the other day, but my debugging tools are not that great at the moment so progress on it has been slow. My hope is that when I fix issues with a couple, it will magically fix a lot of the other ones because I’m debugging my resolver, not manually tweaking the stats unless there’s an actual discrepancy in the raw values. The funny diamond characters with Aurelia though are likely an issue with decoding special characters from the game data. I’m seeing more pop up with her class mods.

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Apologizes for the lack of updates over the last 2 weeks, @MentalMars suggested I take a break…so I did. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m planning to get back on this from this week onwards, get the Class Mod feature finished and all the bugs squashed.


Do you have any updates of this project? When we’ll can use new features?

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I’ve unfortunately been really busy working on a paid project over the last couple of months and I’ve barely had any time to do much else. I’m trying to fit time back in for my personal projects, but I’ve decided to focus on another project I’ve had on the back burner for like 18 months.

The last thing I was doing with the skill trees was exporting out the class mod data from the game, but I was having some issues coming up with a data model that works for all 3 games. I’ll get back to it for sure, but it might be a while still until I have another update. :confused:

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So it looks like this project will have some relevance again with the announcements Gearbox made at PAXEast! I’m still busy working on another project atm and am about to move interstate next month, but I will endeavour to get back onto this project soon (though probably not in time for BL1 Remake).

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Has to be brought back because players who are new to the Borderlands series starting with Borderlands 1 Xbox One & PlayStation 4 remastered edition will need the website to suit their needs. For me on the Borderlands 2 Xbox One 2015 release I had to do that skill tree decision in game since I had no idea to which tree to go.

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Good news! I already did the thing! I still need to add Class Mod support, but the skill trees should be full functional for BL1, BL2, TPS, BL2VR! :grin:

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Just using this for Roland right now:

Except the game says I’m level 63 and the site says level 64? I’ve checked about 4 times, and I can’t see any points that I’ve missed putting in on the site.


Maybe you have additional skill point in game from one of the dlc?

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The issue is that the totals for the same skill point assignment are off by 1 between the game and the site. I checked, and I don’t have a pending skill point to spend.


I don’t remeber what is the level when you can use our action skill? 5 like BL2 or 4? Based on your link you have spent 59 points on skills, so if 5 is starting point, then your level should be 64 like on the site. Unless you have some extra points from one of the DLC’s.

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Right, but I’m only level 63 in game.

That shouldn’t actually make a difference at this point, although I am playing the GOTY version so have all the DLC. The thing is, I don’t have an extra skill point to spend! So the calculation on the site appears to be off by one somehow - probably something to do with the number of levels you need to activate your action skill in the first place?

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Hmm. I just specced my build into the calculator one by one and it seems to work perfectly. Correct number of points and the levels are fine.

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Wiki says 5 points is your starting point for Action Skill. So you can try this, just respec and check how many points you have. If you are lvl 63, you should have 59 points. If you have more, that means you have an extra point from one of the dlc.

You can earn bonus skill points in the following:

  • Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot DLC
  • Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot DLC (TVHM)
  • Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution DLC
  • Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution DLC (TVHM)
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Is it possible to enjoy DLC content at the right level?
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Hmmmm… Definitely not Moxxi’s. I don’t remember doing Claptrap’s in Pt.1, and I still haven’t finished the Pt.2 final battle for that (too many Divine Wind Claptraps last time I attempted that). I’ll have to check in Pt.1 next time I load that character up.

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I should be able to debug BL1 once the PS4 remaster drops. I was running entirely off wikis for this.

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Just to make your life a little easier, @GrzesPL was correct - I had one extra skill point beyond what my level would indicate because I’d completed Robolution in Pt.1.

Which makes for a very odd system, and I’m glad GBX didn’t repeat that for BL2/TPS!