Broken Amara Skills- Anyone else notice some aren't working right

In my experice, I frequently see the following skills not work properly and wondering if these are still broken for others too.

  1. Remnant doesn’t always spawn a projectile after I kill something with a gun. In fact I’d say over half the time I don’t see this happening.
  2. Dread also seems to not work over half the time when it’s supposed to refill my gun. I find myself killing something grasped and then having to reload immediately.
  3. Avatar is supposed to allow me to use my skill twice before a cool down. I’ve noticed sometimes I’ll use my skill once and then when I try the second time it won’t work until the cool down finishes.

Are these still known issues in the game and affect others? I would have thought after 6 months things like this would have been ironed out. Playing game on steam pc.

1 and 2 can be answered with the same thing: Some times the last bit of damage was actually a DOT. When this happens it does not activate the skills mentioned.

3, idk happens to me too, but I assumed I lost count.

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Good point about the DOT, hadn’t thought of that. But my gun damage far outweighs my DOT so I wouldn’t expect to be missing those skill activations as often as I am. Unless the game calculates when an enemy dies in some weird way, like always applying the DOT first followed by gun damage or something if they happen close to the same time.

Remnant stops working when you kill an annointed enemy
Really annoying bug as I love the skill but avoid bandit camps when I want to use it

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Remnant has some legitimate bugs that need sorting. Mostly that it seems to stop working after a certain period of time. It might be by defeating anointed enemies but I’ve also had it happen in areas devoid of anointed enemies so I suspect there are other problems.

Dread generally works fine, but be sure, as others have said, it was specifically one of your bullets which scored the kill and not a DOT/grenade/other player, etc. Also, with burst fire weapons, if you are shooting a three round burst and the second bullet is the specific one to score the kill then the mag will automatically reload and the third will count as the first bullet of the new mag. So you may not need to reload but neither will your mag be full.

Now the way Avatar works needs a bit of explaining because it’s a little different than you might expect. On initially reading the skill, you’d think that triggering the action skill triggers the cooldown of, say, 25 seconds, and if you use your action skill after 15 seconds of that cooldown then 10 seconds will remain after.

In reality what happens is a little different. You use the action skill, trigger the cooldown and can use your action skill again during your cooldown. However, upon doing so your timer resets to 25 seconds and begins counting down again. Then you have to wait until the timer reaches 0 to use your action skill again.

So the best way to use Avatar is to use your action skill is twice in quick succession. Hopefully they will fix it one day so it functions like the first description rather than the second. Still a great skill though.

Shotguns are also messy with Remnant

there’s also the issue of samsara not working with grasping skills.

that’s phasegrasp, ties that bind and the like.

Remnant just stops working after a while. Been bugged since lauch :expressionless:
I haven’t had issues with Avatar. Are you sure you’re not pressing it a moment too early, counting as a second activation when you thought your action skill was off cooldown?

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