Broken Annointed Militant

Gearbox - would love to see you fix the annointed militants. They are ridiculously broken due to the fact that they will spam activate that fire ability that makes them immune to damage until it’s done. I’ve been stuck in combat loop with 1 or more of them, not because they are killing me, but because they will just activate that ability again and again and again. It’s absurd when it takes me 15 minutes (or more) to kill one of them because they spend 90% of their time being immune to damage. Remove the damage immunity or add a cooldown timer so they can’t spam it.

Regardless of whether or not this is how you intentionally designed them, please give it some attention as soon as possible. Challenges are fun (hence why mayhem is great), but this is not a challenge, it’s an endless loop of BS that does not feel at all rewarding to overcome.

PS - this immunity frustration is exacerbated when you consider they can shield themselves from front-facing attacks, when not in “immolation-mode”, by using that dumb purple shield. The shield would not be as much of an annoyance if you nerfed or removed immunity for fire attacks.

The fire thing is really annoying and I had one time where it would just continually cast it over and over again, making him completely invulnerable forever.

When it comes to the purple shield, get in melee range and get him to swing at you and blast his face. I actually want them to bust out the shield because it’s the safest way to kill them.