Broken Fast travel with the harvest patch?

Idk if my game broke or what but I was in my friends lobby runnin harvest and lagged out so I just got off. when I logged back into my game at sanctuary only to find that i could not fast travel to any locations, not to mention the other planets do not show up on the fast travel list. i can move the ship and drop pod, im kind of lost on what else to do to fix the issue i checked quest and everything i could think of that would prevent me from fast traveling. i think me lagging out glitched the non fast travel to heck with the general fast travel system. anybody got solutions?

There’s a known issue when you join lower level players in split screen that your fast travel locations get overwritten with theirs, and I suspect this is the same or similar issue.

There is currently no real fix. What you’ll need to do is move the ship to the planet you want using the hologram warp thingie, then use the drop pod to get planet side, and once you’re there you’ll just have to drive around and rediscover the fast travel locations.

Wow that’s absurd i might as well just start tvhm then LUL