Broken game - crash my Xbox

This game is such trash. Ever since I came back to it about a month ago, it’s been absolute garbage. It take 2.5 minutes consistently (we timed it) to boot up and get past the claptrap; what is this?! Why is this the only game that takes that long to boot up - and then I still gotta watch all those logos. It acts worse than any game I’ve ever played and then advertises the ■■■■ out of so I know who never to buy from again.

More importantly, I can’t join my friends game. This is ridiculous. 3 different sessions we’ve tried to have. The first two times it failed to join on the first try and shut down my Xbox. That’s right, it didn’t freeze, it didn’t give an error, it didn’t crash back to the Home Screen - it just frakkin shuts down my Xbox. This time we go to play and I try FIVE god damn times and it crashes every time. For those keeping track at home, with the extremely long boot up it took me 25 minutes the first two times to get into a game with my friend and it took me 45 minutes to give up on getting into said game this time.

Hire some competent developers. At this time I will never buy a gearbox title again - luckily their other games are trash so that won’t be too hard. Every time you fix something you break 8 other things. You are true most incompetent team I’ve ever heard of. Unbelievable that your company stays afloat while so many other more competent and talented companies fail.


Sadly you are in the same boat as the rest of us with these issues. I have been waiting for over a year now for GBX to actually fix their game and not have it crash my console. I got to the point where I had enough and just shelved BL3 months ago because this game certainly isn’t worth me bricking a console over. However the previous entries still work great and are enjoyable so if you need a Borderlands fix I would go with them and play it safe.

If you haven’t, go through the trouble ticket process and if that doesn’t work I would recommend a BBB complaint. Most of all just remember this the next time around GBX wants you to purchase their shiny new product.

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I somewhat know the feeling you have. Like yourself not a fan of having a game that crashes your console, but don’t worry according to GBX (for over a year now mind you) they “are aware of it” and “looking into it”. So I’m sure a fix is right around the corner. (sarcasm if you can’t tell) I shelved this beta program months ago and haven’t looked back. I do like the previous entries though in the series because they DON’T crash my console and the split screen works great. (ie: readable text, workable UI, no lag)

When it comes to products from GBX in the future, nope, not after the way this entry has been handled. I have said it on other threads but simply put in a phase they should understand…

I am aware of your new product and have looked into it. As for purchasing it though, not at this time

In my case, if I play on split screen, the console turns itself off and I have to turn it on again or it restarts.

We played split screen for a few moments but just couldn’t get through the terrible UI and text size that is clearly too small. Funny that another company, CDPR, was able to release a fix for console crashes two days after their game released but GBX has yet to figure it out.