Broken game, I'm disgusted

Was just informed by the game that I can no longer continue sending people mail. With the sheer amount of drops I receive that I don’t need (cosmetics unlocks, legendaries, anointed gear, mods, so on) at mayhem 3 with a half built siren, what can I possibly be infringing upon with sending mail? This game is a total failure. I’m sad I bought it, and I’ll be putting it down for a while until that 41 minutes is up.

devs please fix

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for real tho mail is the only way I’ve found that temporarily alleviates the bank problem and I’m genuinely surprised I ever hit a “limit” on sending it

So the whole game breaking and you leaving all has to do with mail sending from a half built siren?

I can agree to some degree that the game has a lot of bugs.But thats not one of the biggest issues.Its a hoarder problem.We are all hoarders but regardless of that all the games had similar limited space and not even a mail sending function.
“devs please fix” is not a way to put a weight on your issue which really is sending a mail limit.


i’m not serious lol

Im glad because its not even funny anymore.
We read those 20 times a day.


for real how do I hit the mail cap how is that possible

Never knew there was a mail cap , since all my friends farm on their own and get their loot.Used it maybe once or twice.The other way which we are actually used to is joining each others games.

ok this is also funny but I received a message saying “please wait 5 minutes” and I did, and now it’s saying I’ve sent too much mail and have to wait for later with no time limit. i’m seething at how broken this game is, I want a refund, my life is ruined, game too hard, my hair is thinning, my crops are dying

theirs a mail cap??? what ur kidding…but srysly tho is there really a mail cap. this is the first that i have herd about this at all… do u have a screen shot of what it tells u ?

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it’s genuinely an enjoyable system to not have to join someones game and dump gear all over their floor

i’m mad online folks

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@Noelle_GBX is there really a cap on the mail we can send our friends?

it’s unstuck itself but apparently the cap does exist as a sort of spam limit. doesn’t make sense either way

thats still crazy tho lol

sweet I didnt know we could mail out. Can you mail to yourself or just friends?

friends. it’s neat if you find gear you don’t want or need

for example I just sent 5 hellfires to @Ganza who is either amused or annoyed at this

there isn’t a displayed timer or # given, at the very least I want some kind of visual display - I don’t yet know what triggers the timeout but I have a feeling it’s rapid-fire sends to friends. they dont seem to care much if you send 40 guns over an hours time versus 40 guns in the period of 10 minutes. the odd thing about this is that it makes way more sense to send guns in a group rather than spread out because in situations like the Slaughter Shaft, youll encounter 20-30 legendaries and want to send them at the end of a round rather than during

Pretty sure the limit is 10 per hour, but the timer starts on the first send in that hour. So, if you send one item then nine more 50 minutes later, you’ll be unable to send mail for 10 minutes.

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i hit mail limit everyday.

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I got the limit notification after sending my first mail. I think it counts mail received as well.

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