Broken Heart broke my heart

So I play BO3 on and off but I got all 100 hearts for the event for two different characters, but i never claimed the rewards thinking I could later but no they are no longer accessible so I am super pissed about this and I am wondering if there is any way to get the snipers for my two characters?

Yes. The platform trading posts.

Not on your own. Someone will have to give you one.

So I have to trade something to someone for their rifle, but I want mine I worked for it.

A lot of trades don’t involve any trading at all. It’s more like gifting :grin:.

The bottom line is that though you have met the requirements for your rewards you unfortunately didn’t claim them in a timely fashion. But fortunately there is a way to get said loot and I’m encouraging you to engage in that way.

Good luck.

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Forget that I am uninstalling to pissed to care. Thanks for the advice though.

Wow, some people sure are sensitive

I really hope I just fell for a really bad troll. Otherwise you are just sad.


In all fairness, not much in-game guidance was provided for the event. I play a LOT of BL and thought I was missing out on some background or instructions from Maurice for the first day before catching on.

I completely enjoyed it and made dropping those Loot Bois a calling while it lasted. But I can understand the frustration.

That said, one search of these forums would’ve pointed someone to the Event Menu.

I farmed the heck out of this event, so I did not care much but I was expecting the closed chests to remain for the taking. How naive of me, bl3 it’s hot fix on hot fix on hot fix on hot on hot fix on another hot fix , at the end only the bones chewed by Maurice remain :rofl:

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@moustangman. Couldn’t you put a filter over that? Damn! :confused:

@greendotruger22: GBX are aware that a number of folks missed the chance to redeem their rewards in time; the matter is currently with the developer team to see if there is some way they can address this.


Thanks for the concern I wish that if the menu was no longer going to be accessible that at least the rewards should have been activated you know would it have been to hard to put the sniper into my backpack or add the skin to my collection.

Has there been any resolution?

I’m not privy to internal GBX discussions, so I don’t know any more at this stage than anyone else on the forums. Nothing has been announced about it, anyway.