Broken Hearts (and all future event) Items must come with annointments

I feel if items are going to be extremely limited, and require substantial farming, they should have guaranteed annointments. Preferably, we’d have the two or three options to choose from. But after breaking 100 hearts on 8 characters, I’ve only gotten 1 annointed weapon, the smg.

I know PC and PS4 have the option to back up save files and basically have unlimited chances at the prefect roll, but on Xbox, I’m pretty much stuck with grinding. And I can’t even use the same character.

So I hope GB takes all of the feedback on this event to heart and finds a way to make it rewarding across all platforms.


Well this is another perfect example of why Anointments should be able to be re-rolled. It’s ridiculous that I have to manipulate my cloud saves on PS4 to get the anointment I’m looking for.


Honestly not worth bringing up as a caveat since technically Gearbox would consider it cheating.

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Duping and save farming is an means to an end and not something anyone enjoys, gearbox knows it’s an issue and knows that how to fix it but I don’t think they can settle on how. Haunted harvest weapons are dropping in this event and if they continue and build upon that trend I personally would only dupe to help out and trade after level cap increases.
This system of gear is alot different than previous games but farming isn’t, if they didn’t expect people to save data farm then I don’t know how they tie their own shoes.

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Thank you for your input @Axel_V. I still believe it is worth bringing up. I heard about the possibility of anointments on these weapons from a streamer, who casually mentioned they created numerous copies of their saves so they could get every possible annointment.

Other streamers constantly talk about backing up their saves, uploading their saves to file-sharing/discussion boards, etc. So whether or not GB considers it cheating, they aren’t doing anything about it.

And we know they have means of seeing how often items are dropping or what people are using. I want to raise the issue specifically because it creates disparity in the play experience, based on platform. And if they are using game play data to make decisions on drops, then it will only get worse due to the artificially inflated numbers. Ignoring the issue won’t make it improve.

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With whatever the next event is, if there are specific weapons or shields I hope they see that we need to be able to farm said items. Like the valentines event if the two guns could be earned multiple times I would gladly go out and kill 50 and a 100 more hearts to be able to receive multiple versions. Or after you have earned them we need a chance for it to drop from one of the loot hearts.

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I’m not gona say PC users ar cheating cause they can copy and paste save files, if that’s how the want to “play” the game then so be it and the same for ps4 ( I play on ps4 but dono how its done and wouldnt risk it even if I did. I heard you could corrupt your data)

But I can see were you ar coming from. When watching vids and at the end of nearly every 1 they say they’ll leave the save file to copy does get disheartening.

You could always ask in the forums for the anoint you want. Never done it but it seems like a good source.

But at the end of the day I’ve always been luck of the draw and use wat I get. I just wish i could farm for the weddings invitation with out an alt account and new characters. I’ve made and deleted more than 15 new characters to farm for the anoint I want and still going

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Or as others have suggested, just add them to your personal loot-pool. Keep them extremely limited, but you’d have a way to farm them, by grinding. Same with the once-per-character challenge reward weapons.

I too, honestly hope that they come up with a way to make things better.

Grinding the hearts event, not getting the anoint, grinding it on another character, and not getting the anoint, and repeat ad nauseum wasn’t fun.

I play on PS4, and have heard that I’m able to save farm things, but for the life of me, I don’t know how to do it, and the last thing I would want to do is screw up my save file somehow, so I haven’t looked into it.

I think the “easiest” solution would be to have an in game way to add / change anointments to weapons. Yes, it then makes some of the farming less… tedious, and I guess that’s part of the appeal to continuing to play / farm, but shifting the farm / grind from running the same boss over and over and over, and hoping for the great roll on a gun, that then gets the right anoint has left me more frustrated than happy.

After doing the heart event on 6 characters, and getting zero usable anoints for either of the two VH I have just left me disabling the heart event, and going back to refarming the gear that I already new I needed.

I did the grind on 3 characters and got one anointed weapon out of all 6 and it wasn’t even a good anointment.