Broken hearts broken

Broke over 100 hearts got the lovsick thing done but was never sent any of the rewards. .

Moved to the right section. And ignore what Maurice says - he’s trolling you (see above post)

A tracker just popped up and says I’ve broken 40 hearts so far, but I haven’t gotten the first two rewards in my mail.

They are not delivered via mail, as noted above. Go here first to unlock them:

Then go the relevant place (weapon trinket, New U, backpack) to see/use the item.

Oh ok, thank ya!

Does the event dissapear if you haven’t gotten to open the crates?

The event finished last week (Thursday) as per the original announcement. At this point, it is not possible to redeem unlocked rewards since the event tab is no longer enabled.

Which sucks because the bloody harvest is still up there. Just blows I got shafted from not being able to log in before the event closed to redeem.

BH is showing, yes but it also is completely inactive. Apparently the two events were implemented differently code-wise. All I can say at this point is that the situation of those like yourself has been passed on to the developers for consideration. I am not privy to internal discussions, however, so I have no idea what GBX might do.

Just as an update: