Broken hearts day not sending mail!

I broke all 1 hundred hearts and never got mailed any of the items has happened to anyone else

It also don’t go in your mail but in your inventory too. Look out in there after claiming your reward crate

where is this event tab?

Open character screen, tab to the far right.

Is there some missions specific to this event or is it just the challenges? I went to talk to Maurice but he had nothing.

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Found it, thanks.

I was also disappointed by my visit to Maurice. There seemed to be a ! there on the minimap, but it was from another level. Maurice’s festive headgear is amusing, though.

As someone else mentioned, you dont have to go to Maurice on Sanctuary, just tab over in the menu to the far right (the one just right of the guardian ranks). In there you have to move it right yet again to find the 5 challenge chests.

Broke all 100 hearts. Terminal Polyaimourous sucks at taking down shields. Why give us such a lame weapon?