Broken Hearts Day Weapons Giveaway

I’m sorry I didn’t get around to doing this while the level cap was still 53, but I figured I should post it anyway in case someone missed out on the event and wants to add them to their collection or mess around with them on a lower difficulty.

I have a bunch of extras of the Wedding Invitation and Terminal Polyaimourous. The anointments are as follows:

Wedding Invitation:

“While Gamma Burst is active, gain 115% radiation damage.” (2 of these available)

“On Action Skill End, the next 2 magazines will have 50% additional bonus corrosive damage”

“On Action Skill End, Weapon Damage is increased by 100% for a short time.”

“While Fade Away is active, gain greatly increased Accuracy and Handling.”

“After exiting Iron Bear, kills increase Iron Bear’s cooldown rate by 30%.”

“After Phasegrasping an enemy, Weapon Accuracy and Handling are greatly increased.”

Terminal Polyaimourous:

“After exiting Iron Bear, the next 2 magazines will have 125% bonus Incendiary damage.”

“While Auto Bear is active, constantly regenerate 8% of magazine size per second.”

“After swapping places with your Digi-Clone, Weapon Damage is increased by 130% for a short time.”

“On Action Skill End, Deal 125% more Weapon Damage to Badass, Named, and Boss enemies for a short time.”

No trading required. Just let me know your gamertag and which one you want. I hope this helps someone out.


The terminal polyamorius after exiting iron bear 125% incendiary for next 2 mags.

GT. Pbodyjel

Thanks very much!

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Ooh, I’ll take that ASE 100 Wedding Invitation!


GT DeadheadHix09

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Missed the broken hearts event so looking for wedding invitation, no preference, the best you could send. Thank you so much.
GT: yvan9167

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No problem! Thanks for the O.P.Q.-System!