Broken hearts day

Anyone knows already if you can farm the Guns from the event more than once on each Charakter?

You can’t.

So why is there ghosts attacking me in this event? I dont understand a thing of what s going on onscreen lol

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Shoot them! Shoot them all!

Details here:

(PS: I fixed your thread title!)

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Drops two legendaries - w00t!

Lemme guess it was gold, sounds just like the skulls.

I have been attacked by ghost skull s lol

I wondered what the hearts would do, if anything…

Threads merged - carry on! :broken_heart:

so for the crazy farmers. I am lv 51 and I find lv 52 already and I am not even farming


So just wondering 1 of each weapon total or 1 for each character? Knowing would be appreciated.

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Thanks for the anwser and thanks for the fix of the topic.

I’d assume 1 per character like any other quest reward.

As above, one per character.

Don’t run handsome jackpot. Didn’t see any hearts. Went back to the original content and they popped up.

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I noticed you have to wait until the hotfix is applied to actually be able to get hearts.

So the new sniper/smg can only be gotten once?

YES. Or if you up and download your profile on the console you can get multiple versions of it. Atm I have 49 hearts collected and uploaded my profile. After getting a heart more I check what anointment I got on the smg, give it to my second account and download my profile with the 49 hearts. Im not sure what will Happen if you have 50 hearts and then get the reward. The reward May be fixed when you collected the number 50 so I rather gt one more then taking the risk. Although I wish they would give us just everytime the smg after you get 50 hearts. Man i would not doing this profile stuff even with 200 hearts…


effing Ghosts! Will they be present at every seasonal event?

Also, where is my promised OPT OUT tab on the main screen? I’m on P4 and Hearts & Skulls appeared with the Hot Fix.

You have to Press Start ones where you can change you character.