Broken Hearts Event 100 Hearts in 1 session?

Hey everyone, Curious. Do i need to break 100 hearts in one play session or will it continually count them over the course of the whole event?

Will keep rolling even if you log out, so keep breaking those heart, make Maurice salivate!

Pro Tip: You are the heart breaker, Maurice is the heart taker.


As stated, it’s cumulative. That said, each character save you have gets it’s own counter, so it’s 100 per save. Fortunately, it’s a pretty quick process as long as you keep your eyes open. You don’t have to do the event at max level to get max level weapon rewards either, since these are fixed (level 53) regardless.

@deBulldog75 Don’t know how far in the game you are, but i completed the event in around 3 runs at the cistern of slaughter. Took about 1hr and 15min on MH2.

He even puts them in a bag for you to save on … shipping. :laughing: