Broken Hearts event inconsistencies

So i’m farming hearts to try and get a Ghast Call drop. I’ve noticed that sometimes hearts just randomly disappear when the enemy they are tied to dies. Now if this was a consistent effect i would write it off as a crap way to keep us from getting hearts but it’s not always the case. The green ghost hearts always despawn when an enemy dies(dick move btw GB…) but sometimes the yellow loot hearts will burst and give loot and other times simply fly off screen for no reason and even still other times just pop and give 0 loot… And yes im not letting hearts live for too long. Should we just start calling this game Glitchlands??

Hearts can be taken out by explosions and ricochets in addition to direct hits. So it’s possible at least some of what you’re seeing is due to that. If unaffected when the associated enemy dies, they should either vanish or detonate - I had one launch straight at my clone earlier tonight.

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