"Broken Hearts" event question

The gear we get for reaching the various milestones - those will be sent via email, so that we can wait to claim them until we reach max level, correct? (Assuming we’re able to play enough to do so)…

That seems unlikely and opposite the current system. Think about the rewards earned in the Jackpot DLC, if I am level 25 when I start the Digbe missions then my reward will be level 25 even if I am level 27 when I complete them.

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I was thinking about how can you bypass this. Level up first. How? I THINK bosses won’t have hearts next to them to shoot (at least I didn’t heard it being said or saw in the footage). So yeah, kill Graveward a couple of times first for example, and go for heart hunting after that. I don’t know how much grinding that means, because I never followed the XP gaines per level. But this could be an option I guess.

You can turn the event off, reach max lvl then turn it on.


True. Question answered.

If the gear isn’t emailed, then that would be the best (or only) way I assume. But it would require having the time to level up, then the additional time to farm the hearts before the event ends.

Ah well, just have to see how it works out.

Don’t shoot the hearts?


You can turn off the event (a new feature) right before 50 hearts popped and turn it back on once level 53 to get the Maliwan smg at max level.


Yeah, realized later. I just need to get used to that it can be turned off :smiley:

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Thought about it, but does that work with a splash damage or stray bullets?

so wait, we have this event, special gear, then a cap increase ? this is so off the rails it’s nuts

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I don’t really care about the guns tbh since I’m on console and will most likely get non-anointed versions, which in turn means the only thing I can do with them is to sell them.

Any gun which isn’t really farmable is basically only good for cash on console. Please gearbox reconsider your approach with stuff like this. It’s nice that you’re giving us new stuff but the way your game works kind of renders one time rewards useless.

All part of the same update+hotfix - check the details in the relevant threads in BL3 News.

From what’s been said, the event rewards are level locked to 53, plus you get them when you redeem them through the seasonal menu.

If you are at 50 now, you should hit 53 fast enough before any guns are sent. (not like it matters) I did one takedown and got to 53 on that alone. Was “AWESOME” (Brick voice)

I realized that I don’t understand something basic: if I see a bandit with a heart swirling around his head - do I need to shoot the heart itself (which is what I was trying to do), or is it enough to waste the bandit?

Since there is no on-screen heart counter, it’s hard to keep track of and I swear I sometimes managed to kill a baddie and thought that heart explosion followed.

Bandits are easier to kill from a distance, hearts are refusing to stand still, so nailing them with a sniper is annoying. Probably should just whale on them with homing grenades or something.

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You need to kill the heart. Rad explosion can destroy it too.


The weapons you get during the event will be level 53 no matter what level you’re rare at when you get it.

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I think that’s most likely what I saw - had an anointment proc radiation damage -> explosion etc.

That’s what I figured. Ah well, so much for my nefarious scheme to have a new max-level event gun after each level cap raise :frowning: (using legit methods, at least)