"Broken Hearts" event question

If you play on M4 leveling to 53 should take you about an hour and a half of regular play. Running any of the end game stuff I’ve heard as little as 15 minutes.

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I’m still doing the Rare Chest loop I was doing during the event, but I’m fighting the mobs now instead of running past them. Got my Moze to 53 in about that time yesterday. I keep forgetting that leveling up in this game is WAAAAAY faster than in BL2 or TPS.

These weapons aren’t mission rewards though, so they may follow different rules since they are mailed to the player

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At least for me, the weapons aren’t being mailed. I’m getting them in my inventory as soon as i go to the event tab and open the chests! However, it looks like you can both weapons on multiple characters.

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Indeed they do! Both are level 53 regardless of player level


Where do we start this quest?

There’s no quest.

you just need to make sure the event is enabled before entering the game! The hearts should start spawning around enemies

Hi everyone!

I really need help with this event.

It is enabled but I can’t talk with Maurice to start it, he only respond with random speech. I’ve checked lots of forum and info and I still don’t know what is missing or if it is an error.

I’m on PC, and the event is enabled on my main menu. I tried killing some robots, creatures and enemies and still no heart.

Does anyone have an idea?

just play the game with the event enabled, no need to start a quest. you will see and hear the hearts spawn above random enemies.

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I wish gearbox would make the event weapons somewhat farmable by adding them to the world loot pool once they are acquired through the rewards. they could drop from any source while the event is active, this baffles me why they don’t do this. they have to know we want to farm for annointed versions.


The hearts will be floating around them, not appearing after kill like the skulls from bloody harvest.
You have to kill the heart before the enemy it is attached to. Otherwise they fly away or suicide dive and they don’t count towards your total.
In your echo menu, with inventory/skills/ and so on, you can get to your event menu. It is all the way to the right and you can track your progress.

Also, at least for me, they seemed to appear at a greater rate in the circles of slaughter than in regular world game play.


So you just shoot hearts until maurice says he has your reward?
How many hearts? How to tell im about to get rhe reward so i nan make a backup save for scumming

100 hearts. There is a progress bar in the echo menu. Tab right past guardian rank. It is the 2nd screen in that menu.


And you have to manually collect the rewards, so it’s not like you have to stop at 99 for fear that the next heart you shoot will ruin your chance to be scum.



how do i get the broken hearts to work do u have to be a certain level

They spawn at any level but, apparently, only in the “main game” (not in the DLC or the Takedown). Also make sure that you haven’t disabled it in the main start menu (I think enabled is the default). I’ve also heard that the weapons drop at level 53 for all players, no matter what their level.


This is correct. Already banked one of them for (much) later!


Glad to hear they come at 53. I just levelled my Zane to a point he will be 53 when the SMG would be availbale. Could have nailed the 100 hearts much sooner during levelling LoL.

I will say, this event is fun. The hearts do different things, some drop a corrosive bomb, some drop legendaries, some turn the enemy against their friends (this is hilarious when a badass turns on a mob all of a sudden), I even had a case of releasing terror skulls (this actually made me nostalgic for the Halloween event while dodging and shooting at the skulls LoL).

Both weapons are top notch weapons, and hopefully at some point will be released non-level locked.