"Broken Hearts" event question

According to a YT vid I watched last night you should hold off accepting the Hearts event rewards until after you VH is level 50. You’ll see your progress on the screen as far as how many hearts you have, just don’t select the box’s until you’re 50, or, you’ll get them sent to your inventory at whatever level you currently are.

Say huh, what, that differs from what I heard last night. So if my Amara, at level 26, completes the event and I collect the rewards from the 4 boxes, they’ll be sent to my backpack at level 53???

My L15 Zane got L53 rewards, so it’s set at max level

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As above post: My level 20 FL4K got a level 53 SMG (and banked it). There’s no real benefit in delaying accepting the reward. In fact, imma go and collect a bunch more hearts right now…

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Great news, thanks. When I get home I’ll go ahead and accept them all.

I heard a rumor that you can farm these on console using a second profile in splitscreen on coopitition mode. Collect the 100 hearts on your main and then load in new toons on splitscreen to collect the gear over and over. Going to test this tonight and I’ll report back.

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You can also backup your saves which is way faster.


Mother of grogans that is tedious. Just figured out the cloud save thing on Xbox. Way faster than getting all 100 hearts over and over again at least.

it works when i play with some one else but not when im solo dont know what im doing wrong and how do u know how many hearts u have

  • Bring up your Echo
  • Move right to the Events tab.
  • On console, hit your right trigger button
  • Progress on event challenges is there.

On PC you just mouse click to these spots.


You need to make sure you have the event enabled for your solo play.
On PS4, I have found sometimes after I load my character, I need to quit and reload the character a second time before I see the prompt to enable disable the event.