Broken holographic sights

I just bought the handsome collection and started playing with some friends on PC.
Immediatly noticed that holographic sights are completely broken.
The point of impact on fired bullets are nowhere near the reticle in your optic and you basicly have to aim above a bandits head to even hit it.
I read somewhere that this was supposed to be fixed, it clearly isn’t.

Moved you to the right spot.

Not sure if this is a known issue or not, but it may be an unintended consequence of the updated textures that were just released for the game. Any chance you could grab some screen shots or video of this?

You can file a bug report here:

Yeah i’ll try to snag some screenshots later this evening when I get home.
I guess I could record some footage with shadowplay.

This smells… familiar. Wasn’t Dahl gear hitting just to the side of the crosshairs or something early in BL2? I mean, it was fixed and we all forgot (and it was minor so many of us didn’t notice), but… deja vu? Some other manufacturer maybe?

This is a Jakobs revolver and a DAHL pistol. Both have holographics sights.
And it’s only in ADS that it’s happening.

Those are the Maliwan sights, yes?

Not sure if they’re Maliwan sights. But it’s the sights that are on this revolver.

That’s a Dahl sight. (And for what it’s worth, Hyperion barrel and Torgue grip along with the stabilizer accessory.)

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I’ll take another screenshot of my actual weapon ingame when I get home later this evening.
But i’m 99.99% sure that the sights in the picture are the ones that I have on my two pistols.

I checked online and yeah, they’re DAHL pistol sights.

OK, you should definitely mention the sight manufacturer in your bug report. When you said “holographic” I was thinking of the ones that are literally holographic projections rising up from the scope mount, like this one:


I’ll remember that for future reference, had no idea sights had manufacturers lol.
I submitted a ticket with some screenshots detailing what’s going on.
Hope it gets fixed.