Broken infinity, sham shield?

Hello, back to bl2 until dlc for tps is released. anyway playing Gaige and the following happened.

  1. I equip my infinity pistol and it wont put a bullet in the chamber so wont fire ???
    2.My lvl 58 Sham shield has twice copied itself in my backpack ???



I don’t know about the sham problem, but I can answer your 1st question. Gaige has a skill called Smaller, Lighter, Faster which increases your reload speed but reduces your magazine size. If you have a gun with a mag size of 1 (i.e.: the Infinity) this skill reduce it to 0, therefore making the gun inoperable.

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Thank you for your very quick answer.

You can overcome this issue by using a Necromancer COM with the Neutral-prefix to it. It increases your mag size. Not something I recommend, however, since there are far better ways to kill stuff. But… it’s do-able.

Sell the copies. And stop hacking your savegame. :innocent:

totally innocent your Honour (uk judge) . ps3 ,53 years old computer eliterate.