Broken Locations, will gearbox comment? (Trophy issue)

For anyone not yet aware, discovering locations has been bugged since launch. However, since the latest patch, this issue has become much worse.

Each area is appearing as newly discovered, despite previously visiting. The game seems to lose track of which areas are discovered when changing planets or turning off the console.

Users have suggested visiting each of the 223 locations in one sitting in order to obtain all relevant location trophies, however this has been met with mixed results. This “fix” has worked for some people, but not all. I have tried testing all 78 locations on Pandora with no success, multiple times. Another user confirmed attempting all 223 locations in one sitting, multiple times, with no success. Currently, the state of locations is not acceptable.

This issue is preventing completionists, trophy hunters and borderlands 3 fans in general, to obtain the trophies and 100% completion.

As far as I am aware, gearbox have not yet commented on this issue, despite myself and many others submitting tickets on this issue. Everyone affected by this would greatly appreciate gearbox at least acknowledging the issue.

Are you aware of the bug? Are you planning on fixing the bug?

Hopefully this problem can be resolved.


See my post ‘Why are Gearbox leaving us hanging’. I was told that Noelle_GBX was adressing issues in the post:

I don’t believe that they are addressing the main issues of loot drops/scaling etc but you might want to post in that thread to see if you can get an answer

Thanks! I asked if they would comment since I’ve seen them reply to other threads within the Tech Support section, but they never seem to address the broken locations. Hopefully they do soon.

You’re welcome :smile:
I hope that you get a response soon

I really really hope the patch that’s coming out later this month will fix the trophy issues and some performance issues going on. One can only hope! If not, I might just resort to spamming the 2K bug report feature every day :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We can only hope.

Although, the most recent patch might have been a blessing in disguise since it completely broke all locations, whereas before they were not as bad, yet still not working as they should.

Surely now the issue can’t be ignored?

Who knows, they’ve managed to ignore it so far. I have been in touch with Sony about it all but the helpers just told me the usual “reinstall the game, rebuild your ps4 database etc”. I tried telling them it’s not a problem with my personal game, it’s a known bug for many, but they don’t seem to get it. I know sony can’t do anything from their end, and I did tell them that, but I wanted to raise the issue with them anyway.


Tagging Rap into discussion as advised, hopefully this issue can be resolved!

Well I just finally got a response to my ticket I submitted. I won’t post a pic of it but it more or less said that an issue has been submitted to the team but there is no status that is shared amongst the team I guess to see where they are at with that issue? I’m assuming problems are posted on a wheel of choices to do and they give that a spin occasionally? I think I’ll go onto the next game and not spend my money on the dlc . I also asked for my money back they told my to ask whomever I bought it from. Don’t see how it was Sonys fault =/ so I’ll just bite the bullet I guess=(

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No news yet on any fix from the devs, although @RapZowsdower_GBX did respond in another thread recommending we submit tickets to support. We have, and as yet they have been either unanswered, or generic advice such as restart the console has been given.

Hopefully the devs can read the original post which details what is actually wrong and address the issue in a patch. As stated, the current “fix” doesn’t work for everyone.

Hey all!

Thanks for the ping! This is something that we’ve seen via your reports here on the Forums and through Official Support from our Publishing Partners at 2K. I know it may be frustrating to run through some of the basic Troubleshooting options with them however it does help them verify certain checks have been completed and each report is handled on a case-by-case basis. Your cooperation so far is appreciated and we hope to address many of your concerns as soon as possible!

If you’re having this issue and haven’t submitted a ticket yet please do submit to 2K Support using this link:

While the Agents may not have an immediate permanent workaround for you any information you are willing to share with us will be added to our report and may assist during any investigations!

Thanks again all!

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Thanks for the response!

Hopefully it can be sorted asap so we can all get back to enjoying the game!


Received a response from 2K support who suggested trying a “Cache clear” and a “Complete reinstall of the game.”

It honestly read like an automated response since they didn’t acknowledge the detailed troubleshooting responses I had already tried or the explanation of the problem. (Listed above in OP)

@RapZowsdower_GBX Any chance this bug could be passed on directly to the devs please? We really need a patch to fix the location tracker in order to obtain the relevant trophies. Thanks!

Got a very similar thing from Playstation when I reported it to them. They just c&ped the usual response of clear cache, reinstall game and rebuild database.
After explaining the issue to them a few more times they’ve said I need to contact gbx/2k directly about the bug and want me to screenshot and send them the replies I get.
I’ve not contacted 2k myself yet, but will do.

Received another reply from 2K support in which they asked for a bug report.

However, the official Gearbox twitter acknowledged they were aware of the trophy issues and that it would require a patch to solve, not a hotfix. No word on when the patch is planned for though!


A mucha gente le ha pasado lo mismo, el trofeo de los lugares está bugueado.


Received a response from support confirming the development team are currently working on a fix, but no confirmation as to when this will be released.

Advised to check @2K, @2KSupport, and @Borderlands on twitter for patch info.

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Same as you, Dino. Installed patch, let hotfixes settle, jumped in and all trophies popped except Master of all you survey. It’s the final one I need before I get platinum. Unbelievably frustrated at this point. I’ve been batting for gearbox for so long on reddit and telling people to have patience with the balancing and bugs and to stay positive, but now, 9 months on and their ‘fix’ for the trophies is STILL broken. Got my hopes up with this fix and it feels like a big ■■■■ you at this point. I’m legit ready to toss this game out the window. No motivation to keep playing it, honestly. I’ve given up.

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I’ve given up hope that gearbox will fix the trophy set. The idea that it will work one day is all I dream. Ive been on 223/223 locations for 6 months now. After the patch I got all the trophies except master of all you survey. I’m never purchasing their products again. They have taken the fun out of trophy hunting in games for me. I want playstation to delete all my borderlands 3 trophies at this point

I posted elsewhere that the team is aware of and looking into a robust solution for this one remaining trophy issue. Unfortunately, there is no ETA on a fix.