Broken loot drops on splitscreen

So this will be a short thing here, but has anyone else done split screen with 2 different vault hunters and anything you get is always for the other player? Just now I finished going through the dlc again and every anointed weapon my partner got was for my character. Even the legendarys are anointed to my character. If you have seen this please help me to see if I can fix it.

I have noticed it. My wife and I play together exclusively, and have almost always received drops for each other’s VH. Annoints, class mods, customizations.

I’m not sure if it’s a bug or if it’s designed to encourage trading during cooperative play, but it is slightly annoying. Honestly, quite a few aspects of the co-op are frustrating… Just lost a good bit of progress in a trial because the game crashed twice. Once due to the ECHO lag, and I’m not sure what caused the second.

Anyway, on topic, yeah this is definitely a thing. You’re not alone nor are you imagining it.