Broken marquis broken overgrowth level FIX IT

Fix marquis and fix incursion overgrowth match where he can just sit in the back and head glitch and kill your first defense bot its absolutely broken it keeps happening every time i play incursion every one picks overgrowth some guy picks marquis and we lose i am sick of this i just cant play this game any more i fell like i wasted my money i have such a bad taste in my mouth the experience has been awful.

whats that play different mode i do but incursion is my favorite but not any more. oh just kill marquis good luck with that no matter what class you are he will kill you almost instantly he is way to powerful and like i said he head glitches so you cant hit him fix this please i feel so cheated i pre order and bought a season pass for this game and i usually never do that for any game ever.

my frustration and anger is so high right now i am trying not to cuss every where, i cant even look at the game right now cant even put it in any more. how did such a broken character and level make it out of the beta.

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I have never run into this problem yet. I hear people talking about it all the time, and I see lots of Marquis players in Overgrowth, but I’ve never seen this be an issue. I do agree that you should not be able to hit the sentry from so far out, and a simple way to fix it would be to have a maximum range from which you could harm the sentry.

I assume he is sniping from the ledge overlooking the middle of the map (on his side), right? Are you contesting that?

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I don’t think Marquis the char is broken. As Ambra I 1v1 him all the time and he doesn’t stand a chance, but I do agree the glitch to hit the sentry is BS. That needs to be patched asap.

he is on his side on the ledge yes on the stairs where you can barely see his head and he just shoots and shoots and shoots your bot and boom nothing you can do about it.

This much is untrue. Marquis is brittle and it takes at least two procs of his passive to kill most Battleborn, one if he consistently hits crits. An assassin can flank him and a puller like Shayne or Ghalt can isolate him for quick kills. Getting through the rest of the team is the only problem, once you get him he’s dead. This exploit needs to be fixed yes, but Marquis is not broken, he’s a sniper and a very well designed one at that.

Gearbox are aware of the issue, I’m sure. Keep an eye out for a fix at some point.

I hope the fix includes something for Toby because he can do the exact same thing. I’m guessing they’ll just move the sentry or add an invisible wall, yes?

Precisely. Specifically he is standing halfway on the stairs where only his head and hat stick out with the barrel of the sniper cane, shooting under the little half wall thing up there and hitting the very tippy top of the sentry continuously until it dies. He literally doesn’t have to do anything else and they are pretty much guaranteed to win. I’ve tried methods of body blocking him but he’ll easily kill anyone from that range if you truly engage him so there is no point.

Ok thanks for the replies guys I have calm down a lot are sense then my op was full of rage but I was so frustrated at that time it literally just happen and I left the game and type that op cause I was so mad. I understand gearbox is supposed going to fix it which is great and battle born is a great game sorry if I sounded super cynical in the op

A fix is in the works, looks about halfway down their list.

Yup, they have confirmed a fix is coming. In the meantime, apply pressure to their Marquis and he can’t do it. If your team cannot apply any form of pressure to him, you were going to lose anyway.

I use Shane and aurox and kill/harass him

Playing Toby on Overgrowth, I encounter this a lot. If I stand on my teams’ sniper ledge overlooking the middle, the enemy Marquis will stand on the stairs of his sniper ledge, head glitch and take my shield down in 2 seconds, and then go back to taking our Sentry’s shields down. I’ve actually tried standing in different areas, to try to get a shot at him, but it doesn’t matter, he can still head glitch and hit me where I can’t shoot him back.

I’m sure the Devs are working on it, but it’s definitely a major annoyance right now.

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I have seen a similar head glitch with him where it just defeats the purpose of your team sniper. You pick Marquis and the other team also has a Marquis. You try to play legit by sniping others and helping your team. Then the other Marquis plops himself into a head glitch and only prioritized you. How’s that for annoying?

Did that as well but I was being prioritized by their Marquis no matter where I was

You really didn’t need to necro the thread. The issue is already being fixed.