Broken Moze Hex/Bloodletter build with example run M3 Slaughter Shaft

The build guide: take Moze, throw random points in skills anywhere you want just pick Vampyr and Means of Destruction while at it. Equip any Bloodletter class mod and any Hex grenade.


The gameplay: point camera in general direction of red dots on minimap, spam grenade button until your finger bleeds. You can shoot gun if you feel like it, not required.

The result: everything is dead in TVHM Mayhem 3, while you are effectively immortal.

The benefits: can safely run Loaded Dice for extra legendaries, can Netflix second screen while at that.

Example video:

Have fun with Legendaries rain. :smile:


I have been farming for days for a bloodletter mod. I finally got the deathless artifact this morning. Seriously 7 days of M3 bosses and no bloodletter. Pulling my hair out.


You don’t need Deathless really. I prefer Loaded Dice because you still don’t really die and get a lot more Luck while wrecking everything anyway.

But yes, with Deathless you stack 100k+ shield with Phalanx and then you are really immortal 100%. With Loaded Dice you can still enter FFYL if you manage to catch your own grenade at a wrong time or blow yourself up with Flakker.

its not blood letter that is broken, its the grenade heal thats based off missing health not dmg per enemy. i personally dont even run most your points in the demolition woman tree because there is no point. only need 1 point in the grenade heal and still never go down. i put more points in to dmg in other trees after that.

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Hence the above quote in the OP.

The build is just for the case reader is unable to think for him/herself.

I also run Loaded Dice as can be seen in a vid.

yeah i also run loaded dice, no point in running the 1 hp mod unless you want to be some kind of super tank/dps.

i see so many people complaining to nerf the hex because its to op on moze and it could litterally be 0 dmg and still be usefull on moze lol

Yeah they could nerf Hex damage by 80% and it would still not matter, you’d just spam your weapon more for same end effect with limitless ammo.

I think they will slap a CD on Means of Destruction/Vampyr instead, because there are few other grenades that do similar effect and they will instead go for the source of the issue.

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I hear ya. Those were just the two items I have been specifically looking for. I swap deathless for loaded dice right as Im about to drop the boss. What is the cutoff for ‘Desperate Measures’? I keep deathless on to max my dmg output

well they could also make it so its not a heal thats based off max hp loss per enemy hit… take the enemy hit part out and it’d be fairly balanced.

there are also other grenades and do the same job as hex that are not the hex lol some you even get from side quests

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Yes, there are other nades, Hex is just full mongo easymode really. With other grenades you at least sort of need to aim or some such fancy things other characters do to do damage and stay alive.

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nah storm front is just fine lol
the only reason its so good is the tracking

wish my class mod and artifact were as good as yours though :stuck_out_tongue: need more splash dmg and grenade dmg in mine

you even have the Rain Firestorm grenade right now thats doing really well

I wouldnt call it broken btw. Saying broken makes devs think it needs nerfs. We dont want good builds nerfed. FL4K has already been ounched. I don’t want moze to be punched as well.

Honestly at this point if you have a bloodletter you should be able to do this. 4.5 days of playtime and i’m yet to see a single freaking drop of it. All online btw. My luck or the games drops are a joke, either or; same current predicament for me personally so w/e

Are you on Xbox? I have an extra bloodletter I could give away. Not using it because it’s +2 thin red line and not desperate measures, perfect for making your shield invulnerable though.

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So I notice that sometimes this build randomly doesn’t work. Like, for some reason Means of Destruction just won’t trigger off the Hex, at all.

I just tried the Slaughterstar 3000, and noticed after throwing a few Hexes that they weren’t regenerating for some unknown reason.

They’ll sometimes regenerate if I fire the Flakker, though.

So on top of being a pretty braindead build, it sometimes decides it won’t even function, just to screw with me.

So I just reloaded my game. Still won’t work, my grenades still won’t regenerate. I don’t understand what causes this, it just randomly decides it doesn’t want to work anymore.

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If whatever you try to hit is completely immune to the damage type, then of course it won’t work as intended. You need to do at least 1 point of actual damage to target to get benefits.

Solution is to switch to another Hex element. I personally found that Radioactive Hex is pretty much foolproof while frost one can fail because of immunity.

Why is it broken? Because Moze can do it as the one and only class without going down over and over?

I have a question. In the video, the Moze did not have any health and only shield. So how does vampyr help her there? :o