Broken PC Matchmaking

Just bought this game a few days ago for PC and, at first, I didn’t notice any problems. Right now, I’m only rank 6 and it seems every game I play it takes 10-15+ minutes to even find a team and then it’s usually up against much higher ranks.

One of my games, no one on my team was above rank 10 and we got matched up against 2 rank 100s. Another time, someone disconnected before even choosing a character and we still got pushed through to the match with 4v5 (also grossly mismatched in terms of rank). Waiting over 10 minutes just to play a game, only to get destroyed by much higher levels is not my idea of fun.

Wish I had done a little more research before buying this game, it’s a shame too, because it would be fun, where it not for these issues.

You will have to deal with it.In my region(asia) sometimes i can’t even find a single match.The amount of player is too low no matchmaking system can fix that.Turning f2p is the only option for bb on pc atm.