Broken save files after system restore

For game-unrelated reasons, I ran a Windows system restore and now all my characters have lost their entire inventory. The lost loot bank claims to be full, but when I empty it, nothing drops (although I can hear the legendary drop sound). The bank is also empty and was previously nearly full. I also missed the opportunity to reuse the cloud save files to recover, as I accidentally/reflexively selected the use-local file option.

This is bad enough, but what’s worse is that any time I try to pick any item up (I thought I’d use some of those keys), the game crashes.

My characters’ game state (levels, story progress) appears intact so I’m more interested in being able to use them again. Recovering any inventory would be a bonus.

Any ideas on how to recover? I’ve got a couple hundred hours invested.

I just lost an ssd drive main drive ( broke the tab where it connects ) WIth some magic super glue and abs cutting skills I got it back enough to grab it long enough to get what I need. But You if you made a restore point of before the restore that you can briefly go back to, you need to access this C:\Users%username%\Documents\My Games\Borderlands 3\Saved\SaveGames%filename%
It’s a string of numbers like 76ee5b8deb3643ea9d10b70bbfbf5f0c
And you need all the contents of that file. The 1.sav 2.sav are the characters and profile.sav is all of your information, mail, banks, sdu’s etc. If you can’t get those , you’ll have to start over or get a save from someone else.

A simple way to check your save file would be to have another PC user open it up. This sounds like a Windows problem or game install/integrity issue.

I’m happy to test one of your files.

Edit: to clarify; your mail items are stored on the Gearbox SHiFT servers and not locally. Not until you download / accept them

Edit 2: I posted this level 35 Zane for someone else. If this save file works for you and your others don’t then they are indeed corrupt/broken :frowning:

Thanks for the info, but I appear to have resolved this issue, quite by accident.

At the same time as I started having this problem, I was also unable to find any games via matchmaking. It would just get stuck in “Searching” forever, and when I tried to join a friend’s game directly, I’d get “The match you are trying to join is running an incompatible version of the game. Please try upgrading your game version.” So I looked into that today and found this discussion;

There, they discuss needing to reinstall. I had tried “validating” my files, but apparently a reinstall was required. So I just did that and now everything seems to be back to normal, although with the minor inconvenience that all of my equipped items were unequipped and sitting in inventory.

Just mentioning this in case others run into the same problem…

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