Broken: Tagging as junk in backpack

Perhaps, after the next update, PS4 only, the gun fire (R2 button) will no longer work. The current workaround will be to use grenades (R1). Haha

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Yes, it’s quite possible. When still something works, we can play.

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Glad I dropped by here before buying a new controller.

I’m pretty forgiving of most bugs. Laggy menus, meh, whatever. I am a little annoyed when new bugs get introduced. Especially ones that affect basic functionality.

Combine this with the nature of how this was introduced with content that seems to be annoying the community and really is hard to put on a happy face.

It’s back to TPS and BL2 for a while. Will jump back in once in a while to see if there is a toggle for the Halloween thing, and see if the bug gets fixed.

I seem to be enjoying TPS more, maybe because it’s my first love?? Still love the BL series in general, not going anywhere yet. Maybe try that Fallout 76 everyone seems to love.

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The game is worth playing but waiting is probably a wise choice. I bought it when it was released and feel like a beta tester. Fallout 76 is not too loved but The Outer Worlds got generally positive reception among the players.


Tx, there needs to be a sarcasm font :slight_smile: Not really interested in 76. I do have Fallout 4. Will have a look at The Outer Worlds.

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I can share Sportster & Amb23’s sentiments as stated above: I, too, am pretty forgiving when it comes to most bugs (just not ones that make a game so tedious and irritating it makes me not want to play it), and I also feel like a beta tester for having bought it “too early”, as it were. It’s like being punished for being enough of a fan to not wait.

To be clear/FTR…

I’m a longtime fan of all the BL games; I even bought copies for both my PS3 (of BL/BL2/BL:TPS) AND for my PS4 (with the addition of BL3 SDE for the latter). My point is, I’m not here to hate on Gearbox or the developers (SW/Game development is serious work: I appreciate that, I really do).

So…that said…I’m going to continue my honesty streak, and say that, yeah, I feel a bit screwed by Gearbox & 2K on this one (as I’m sure so many others do as well), and I am now officially at the point where, if I could return the game for a refund, I absolutely would (I doubt Amazon will take it back, which, per their policies, is understandable: it’s been opened, codes been redeemed, well past the 30 day mark, etc).

Again, I’d like to stress that the person I was dealing with, Arpit R., 2K Support (I submitted an official ticket, #194344) has been nothing but polite and below is the latest and probably final exchange, as it’s clearly a waste of time to continue working with them. I’m not saying this to be nasty: rather, I’m basing it off what they said, which I’ll quote below.

After everything else, I asked them, “Is the December 5th end of Bloody Harvest a hard deadline? I ask because, as I said, I paid $99.99 for the Super Deluxe Edition which included the season pass, so…if it’s not fixed relatively soon, that does leave me as having paid for something I didn’t get, which does not leave a great taste in my mouth, so to speak. Can you give me an answer to that?”

This was their response (edited solely for brevity, and this paragraph is entirely unchanged):

“Thanks to the players like yourself, Borderlands 3 is getting better and better after every update. I appreciate you for shedding light upon this matter, however, we here in customer support do not have such measures to make changes to the game nor have updates regarding it. Therefore, I would request you to please notify your concern regarding the Bloody Harvest event deadline to the Borderlands 3 Forum. This way you can better help your voice to be heard while also gathering community support for it! The developers also make it a habit to read the forums for feedback and suggestions so it’s a good way to have them see it.”

OK. That noted, if the developers/higher-ups at Gearbox actually ARE reading these forums, here’s my ask:

As I doubt Gearbox will be up to doing even partial refunds, leaving those who pre-ordered/early ordered their game feeling jammed, and are unable to play the content they PAID FOR, will there be any sort of recompense? Additional codes? Anything to make up for our inconvenience?

I’m not honestly expecting a positive (or even any) answer to the above. I’m still taking the time to ask it, though, as I think it should be asked…and in the event of a lack of response/a negative one, BL3 will be the last game I ever buy that has their brand on it (I’ll definitely NEVER buy anything new from them: only used/discount bin offerings, if that). I hate saying that as I have loved their games, however, it’s true.

While I can only speak for myself, I’d be frankly surprised if everyone else affected by these QA issues didn’t feel much the same way.

So…that’s what I’ve got to say on this matter. If anyone feels I’ve done a disservice or am trying to put words in their mouth, please, by all means: feel free to correct me.



I’ve heard good things about Rage2 & Outer Worlds: the former appears to be a decent BL substitute, and the latter just looks & sounds off-the-chain dope :slight_smile:


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In my correspondence with support, regarding the update deactivating my loot/favorite button within my backpack, and my fast travel stations missing, The responses that I receive have me questioning whether support has played the game at all. They are responsive and polite, however.

The biggest problem for me is that I am not confident that the next update won’t completely wreck something major in my game, causing for all my time and effort to be erased, permanently. QA needs to be better.

I can really love this game, but I need Gearbox to want me to.


Agreed. They’re polite (and I’m always polite, myself), however…yeah, doesn’t seem like they’re in any of the loops at all: they’ve even explicitly said as much, at least to me.

And your point is totally valid, and just adds strength to my plan of going with a different game, at least until such a time as all the BL3 bugs are known/(ideally) fixed, which is probably about the same time the game will be bargain-binned :frowning:

It’s sad, because I really do love all the BL games, and paid premium to get BL3 :frowning:

Thanks for your input, and take care.



It occurs to me a more relevant question at this point would be:

Is there anyone playing Borderlands 3 on a PS4/PS4 Pro who is NOT seeing this inventory tagging bug?

I’d be truly curious to know.

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Combined with STILL not being able to sort by Type at vendors or the bank, this makes the game pretty frustrating to play right now. Especially during the Halloween event, with lots of new items to get!


Well, on the off-chance someone at either Gearbox or 2K reads this…

Here’s (edited only for brevity) the most recent support response:

"I’m sorry to hear that you’re having this issue with Borderlands 3! I appreciate you letting me know about it.

"Thanks to Vault Hunters like yourself, we’ve been able to collect enough info about this issue to notify the development team, and they are currently working on a fix.

"Unfortunately, we don’t have visibility on their progress here in customer support, so we don’t have a timeline for the fix to be implemented. Please follow us on [snipped] as this is where the latest info, as well as, upcoming updates and fixes, will be announced.

“Please be informed that you’ll be able to mark your items if it’s in the bank or equipped.”

Here’s a verbatim copy of my response:

"Thank you for your prompt response, and I appreciate your time.

"It would appear this issue is solely in the hands of the developers; I get that, and know that patches and SW QA can take time…though this is a clearly a bug which would have been spotted after even a few minutes of play by your QA/QC team, as it’s really obvious and ubiquitous/easy to reproduce - there’s no way around seeing it, as it occurs 100% of the time.

"This leaves me having paid about a hundred dollars to be a beta tester; even worse, with hard deadlines on content (December 5th for Bloody Harvest), that also leaves me in the position of having paid for content I can’t play, so…I’m not happy about that.

"Since the Bloody Harvest patch/update came out, I’ve now spent more time perusing (and posting questions to) official and unofficial forums alike than I have playing the game itself, which, again, is souring me on it. I’m at the point where, if I could return it for a refund, I would, as I feel like I got ripped off.

"So…much as it pains me to say it (as I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on 2K games in the past, and, for example, have nothing but good things to say about BioShock 1/2/Infinite: I’d even go so far as to say those are some of my favorite games of all time, even), unless you can offer me a refund or some other form of recompense, this is definitely the last game I’ll ever purchase new from 2K/Gearbox.

"You have my money; I got burned. These things happen (though they’re not good business).

"As I got burned, and you have no recourse to offer me, I’m going to be careful to not let it happen a second time, so…lesson learned for me, I suppose.

"Unless you can offer something positive, constructive, or some form of recourse, I guess you can close this ticket.

"Again: thank you for your candor, politeness, and prompt response time. I do appreciate it, and am not looking to give you grief.

“Very Sincerely (etc)”

More bluntly put, I’m done wasting time on this, not just because it strikes me as frankly ludicrous to pay good money for something and have to spend so much time in dealing with issues it’s having due to what I suspect is inadequate QA - also because there appears to be next to zero coordination between customer service and the developers/actual companies :frowning:

I hope this post is of service or help to someone, as I’m done.


(P.S.: I confess I am still quite curious to know if there is anyone playing this on a PS4 who does not have this issue; not sure if that’s enough to bring me back to the forum, though it might, if there are posts from anyone saying they are not)

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The bug is unfortunate and highly inconvenient, but I understand that bugs occur. The frightening part to me is that anybody playing can catch this bug within 10 mins, forcing me to wonder if anybody at Gearbox is testing gameplay before rolling out a large patch to the entire PS4 community. Troubling to me…

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Having same problem here but I do seem to be able to change it when I am at vending machine.

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That is literally their only suggested workaround. It’s been posted here before, though here’s an exact quote from their CSR, directly from the ticket I submitted:

"After looking into this a bit, it appears there’s not much I can do about this issue. However, the developers are aware of this and are currently working on a fix for an upcoming patch. For now, try to equip the items to mark them, or place them in your bank and mark them there . I hope this helps.

Unfortunately, we don’t have visibility on their progress here in customer support, so we don’t have a timeline for the fix to be implemented. Please follow us on Twitter (@2K, @2KSupport, and @Borderlands), as this is where latest info, as well as, upcoming updates and fixes, will be announced."

That is, per Gearbox and 2K’s official word, the ONLY viable in-game workaround: return to Sanctuary to your bank, or do it in-store. Dynamic comparisons aren’t possible at either, so…enjoy your sorting :wink:

As this is a bug which happened immediately after the Bloody Harvest update, is a known issue, and (unlike other, even worse show-stopper bugs – vide other forum topics, you’ll find plenty), considering there are less than a thousand posts/views on this thread about the issue, I would surmise this is VERY low on their priority list, so I wouldn’t hold my breath for an update/patch for it.

Understandably so, as having BL3 crash your console entirely or wipe out all your saves/characters/inventory are all definitely far worse issues.

As for me…having played the game a little before the Inventory Tagging Bug (made it to Sanctuary3), and then playing it after the update, things went a bit like this:

  1. First 10-15 minutes: “OK, this is a hassle, but I can deal with it.”
  2. First mission (which entailed repeated returns to various places to ditch loot, each time taking longer & longer due to the sorting bug (also documented) and the newer Tag bug): “OK, this is starting to suck…”
  3. After second mission & finding inventory issues were slugging gameplay and making things take at least 2-3X as long: “This is no longer enjoyable, as I’m spending 40-60% of my time manually comparing and sorting trash before embarking on further missions.”

It was at that point I started hitting the official forums up, and submitted official tickets (see any of my other posts here about it).

While I’m keenly aware of the vagaries and setbacks that come with SW & Game development, I’d agree this could have been EASILY spotted by even a few minutes of QA time. As in, any.

Having paid about a hundred bucks early for the SDE, I do feel rather burned…which is a shame, as I really do love GB & 2K’s stuff, and have been a fan going back many years, and I didn’t just buy their PS3 games: I also repurchased many (BL/BL2/BL:TPS, etc) along with the PS4 offerings like BL3 SDE.

So…if you’re feeling burned…join the club. Your choices are to do the above, or play a different game.




When I play the game, I sort the items by type, choose the junk and sell it. When I bought the game, I noticed that sorting by type doesn’t work in the vending machines. So I used backpack as workaround, tagged the junk there and then sold it at the vending machine. Now the tagging is broken in backpack and when I go to the vending machine as workaround, I still can’t sort by type. It is so awkward that I will stop playing the game and wait for a fix. Hopefully it won’t take more than month as with the sorting bug.


Ditto here. I’ve been spending more time doing inventory management this past week than actually playing the game. As a result I’ve been playing THS again and watching movies because the work-arounds are a complete hassle, especially If you’re trying to level characters and also picking up over-leveled gear. Plus all the ■■■■■■■ ghosts everywhere. Jeez.

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Some official word would be really nice gearbox… Yall are paying attention to these? Aren’t you? Isn’t that kinda the purpose? Could we get an idea on a timeline for the fix?

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They promised to implement fix for tagging in the next patch that should be released in November.

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Today’s hotfix notes mentioned that the fix is coming in a patch soon. Then tonight a small patch dropped on XB1 (since MS seems to like to roll them out early). I don’t know if the PS4 version - which should drop Friday - is the one with the tagging fix or not since the update notes aren’t up yet.

tl;dr - keep an eye on the support pages or the BL3 news section tomorrow.