Broken: Tagging as junk in backpack

It’s been 2 weeks and they didn’t fix it. This may seems small problem for some people but for me it is start stacking up and become really annoying.

I just stash some items in my bank for my other charactes because their bank space is to small so I switched to my other character to get it. The items mark is reset after you put it in the bank so after you pick it again you have to mark it again one by one and then it happened. I sold some stuff that I need it and just realized it the day after.

I think if this happen to PC platform they will have it fix in a day.

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I’m guessing they would have caught the bug and made adjustments, before rolling the large update out to the masses, if had been on the pc.
I have to assume they are testing on one of the platforms, and it does not appear to be PS4.

I started The Outer World’s when my junk tagging stopped and my health bar locked at 1. I like it. Good stories if you take the time to explore. Very interesting graphic look. Gameplay can be easy if you build your abilities right. Then just move up to Hard if you want more challenge. I know there are a lot of opinions on the game but it’s been a nice relief from the constant over-the-topness af BL3.


While I had no intention of returning to this forum once I saw a patch wasn’t going to be forthcoming anytime soon, after receiving another email from tech support about my ticket acting as if it were satisfactorily resolved, here was my final response (edited for brevity). I assume the ticket is now officially closed.

"Much as I’m a fan of the Borderlands games, I already stopped playing, as no patches to fix any of the bugs have been forthcoming.

“I’ll be sure and leave VERY honest reviews on Amazon, your forums, and everywhere else (loads of people online have griped about this…to no avail)…so I guess, in the interest of helping others not get ripped off, it’s the least I can do to warn others not to buy this game new, and to wait until it’s patched and/or to buy a used copy. No need for others to get ripped off like I have been.”

That said, I did find a solution to the problem: I started playing The Outer Worlds, which is amazingly bug-free, and eminently playable, so I’ve been doing that now.

Thanks for your time, if nothing else.

Very Sincerely (etc)"

Hope others see this before they plunk down their money for this lemon.


I absolutely agree with your frustration regarding the issue, but I don’t know the difficulty of the issue.
I WANT a fix for this, Today. No. Yesterday.
But I don’t know all of the factors, so I don’t know how this BECAME an issue, suddenly, after the 1.05 update, nor why it isnt an issue for other platforms, nor why the latest hot fixes haven’t remedied it.
Is it something that is so defiantly wired into the the ps4’s core that defies gearboxes’ coding intentions, or, as I suspect, something simple that gearbox did NOT TEST FOR on the PS4, and hasn’t deigned important enough to slip into a recent hotfix?
I think that Gearbox should explain the situation.
Even if I discovered that they completely effed the entire thing up, themselves, which I don’t believe for a second, truth be told, it would be better to know, than complete silence, which I think is damning.
If they said; “we effed up, because we thought…”, I would say; “ok. I can understand that. Great game, anyways…”
What do we have, instead? Crickets. Nothing.
Anyways. LOVE the game, and franchise, nonetheless.


Well; as I predicted, I received no actual response to the question I asked above (in bold). Instead, I just received some boilerplate email saying “This means your issue is now resolved” because the ticket was now over a week old since their last useless response, which incensed me enough to get back on here to post an update for others, in the event they’re experiencing the same frustration over these bugs & issues.


And that’s it. I’m done wasting time on something which was SUPPOSED to be a fun activity. If I wanted aggravation, I can easily enough get that without paying money for it :rage:



Can GB explain why there are 3 options here? Tagging a favourite is meaningless? If you tag it as junk then you can “sell all junk” which is great. But it will be MUCH quicker to just sell anything NOT FAVOURITE and we could spend less time in a menu.

I had at least first playthrough completed when they introduced the tagging bug. Still I played the game with the sorting bug, incredibly laggy UI and various other bugs. Definitely not the best experience. Now I wait for update while playing other games and will never buy Gearbox game on the day of release and always wait while reading other users reviews.


Just adding my voice to others. Super disappointing to have a bug like this go ignored for so long.


They aren’t ignoring it, per se. they have acknowledged the problem, and have indicated that we can expect a fix in the upcoming update, slated for sometime near the end of this month.
If the fix is something difficult ( not sure how it could be, as the latest update(1.05) broke it, but we are not privy to all of the specifics of the problem,) good on them.
If the fix is simple (and not included in recent hot fixes), shame on them, seriously.

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Any fix (complex or simple) has to go through certification with Sony. Depending on what else is ready to go at the same time, it may or may not make sense to submit it for that process immediately - especially if there’s a larger patch that has to go through by a specific date. IOW there are scheduling issues to work with in addition to the actual code.

I understand. But, if the fix is simple, they could include it with the hotfix to higher haunts shields, yeah?

Unfortunately not, no. Hotfixes use a different mechanism to code fixes (updates); the short version is you can’t fix code via hotfix.

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Ahh. Ok. That makes sense. Bummer.

While it pains me to say it, as I really do love all the Borderlands games…

That’s really the best solution. Kinda the only viable solution at this point.

I will say, I am LOVING The Outer Worlds, and can already see that has some definite replay value, so…BL3 is, for me, shelved. On the off-chance they ever fix at least the most glaring of the bugs, maybe, at some point, I’ll even return to it.


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the tagging being disabled in the inventory is annoying but it does not stop me from playing the game. whenever I have a gun i do not want i drop it onto the floor to be marked as trash when i go to sell them later while if there is a gun i want i swap it into my inventory, mark it there, and then swap it back. that way all the unmarked items are now “marked as trash” and the marked as favorite ones stay in my bag. I do hope they fix this soon as it is super annoying.

They have been releasing hotfix for Haunt with more shield, annointed dropped rate, and much much more couple days a go and if they can do all that WHY NOT FIXING THIS DAMN SMALL THING. I’m sorry I’m so done with this Gearbox. Triple A game company ■■■■ that working like amateur.

I just bought Death Stranding today and play it for 6 hours and you know what? NO ■■■■■■ BUG AT ALL. No lag, top notch graphics, and freakin cool menu system.

I saw some gameplay videos and was especially curious how the menu works - it was so snappy, just beautiful. :slight_smile: I never though until BL3 that this feature would interest me so much in the games. I will not play Death Stranding but envy its players that menu just works (although it is complicated as hell :grinning: ).

This is why:

And a little higher up in the thread:

That’s why. Unfortunately, it looks like you’ll have to wait for the next update to drop.

Maybe some players prefer to differentiate among “junk, favorite, non-favorite” but I would not mind if it was simplified like you suggest.