Broken Vehicle Loadout / Catch a ride not saving

After the latest update I suddenly have 4 Loadout slots in the Catch a Ride, 2 of which I cannot edit in any way. After spawning the vehicle it “deletes” the custom loadout and reverts it to the standard Outrunner with no mods. Slot 1 and 4 seem to work fine but 3 and 4 are unusable.

Has anyone found a fix for this or has this already been covered and is planned on getting fixed?
will add a few screenshots and happy to provide further information.


same here ever since the update??

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similar experience here.

every time when i digistruct an vehicle, all my loadouts will be resetted to my pre-update ones (on all 4 loadouts).

but even though i have Bandit Technical in my 1st loadout and i just digistructed Cyclone, when i go back to the catch-a-ride, its still showing the Bandit Technical (and if i respawn a vehicle at that point, it spawns an basic parts Cyclone, even if the previous Cyclone i was driving had completely different parts)

for me too, this started happening after the latest update

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Its not saving loadout as of current, a bug, also there a 5 load out slots now.
Painful but you have to pree much build your vehicle again then deploy it. Respawn gives default


I also am having the same issue :frowning: Started the day I started the new event.


I’m having this issue too except none of the slots seem to save for me.

Same exact issue here. I couldnt get any loudouts to work, then randomly the first slot saved , then the 4th one. The 2nd and 3rd will not save at all. If i want to make a new save on loudout 1 or 4 I have to make the car at elli’s on the Sanctuary, then blow it up and hit Q to respawn it. This is pretty frustrating. Please fix this Gearbox!

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For me, Slots 4 and 5 are saving (I’ve assigned as Technical and Cyclone, respectively), but slots 1, 2, and 3 revert to standard default outrunner, no matter what I set them up as.

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Phew…makes me feel better that it aint just me. Thanks y’all

Looking forward to an update. Past loadouts are there, but all of them are reset when changed. I hate changing them every time I use a vehicle.

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Having the same issue, after the mayhem 2.0 lag problems I stopped playing for the week until it was fixed, then when I get back into the game I run into another obvious as h*ck bug. It’s really sad to see the state of the game as they rush these things out, I’m curious as to how they playtest these updates if at all. FFS Pitchford, use some of that bonus money you hoarded and pay some devs to playtest for longer than 5 minutes.

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Same issue here. Annoying beyond all get out. Hope it’s fixed soon.

Having the exact same issue here. Loadouts will not save. Very frustrating.

Same issue but 4th slot is not saving either

Just want to keep +1 on this, have they given any feedback on this? I have looked at several posts on the same topic with no dev responses.

Nope none at all. As it seems many people are having this problem but absolutely nothing happened.

Have any of you put in a support ticket?

Same thing here on x box nothing saves.

Same here. Don’t save my vehicle loadout. :pensive:

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