Broken Vehicle Loadout / Catch a ride not saving

4th slot saved for me just now on Xbox

Yes, I also have issues with it. 3 loadout slots with an older character. 4 slots with a newer one. Only slots 2 and 4 saving for me.

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I have this bug too, apparently I’m the only one in my group of friends I coop with.
It’s very annoying :disappointed:

Same here, since the last update. It really grinds my gears.

same but all except for when i replace my cyclone with my outrunner

So, has this been resolved for anyone yet? After 2 full months, I STILL have this issue. It is really starting to get annoying, so much so that I’m speed-sliding everywhere instead of using any vehicle.

Im still having the problem too, ugh.

Yep, also got this problem. Haven’t played this game in a while and just see that people have had this problem for over 2 months…

Noticed this when I started playing Amara to finish her first playthrough. Catch A ride terminal is saying I have 5 loadout slots and it keeps resetting to the basic loadouts every time I try to spawn a vehicle.

Same problem here. Preset slot 1 and 4 are frozen in the state they were in before it started bugging out and the rest defaulted back to the standard grey outrunner without any way to save changes to it.

Seeing that this issue exists for months now without any official mention or attempt to fix it, I guess Gearbox aren’t interested in fixing this?

It’s a bit disappointing, to say the least. It makes the whole vehicle customization system kinda pointless.

So no idea if people are still having this issue but I had it recently and if you instead of clicking on the body and changing the vehicle like that, navigate through the arrows left and right of the vehicle and customise them there. It should save the customisations like that.

For a whole year the problem cannot be solved. Amazing.

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Yep issue still here, would be nice to see it fixed at some point.

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Please fix this stupid bug…

ive had this bug on my moze for almost a year. 4 vehicle slots and none stay saved. how is this not fixed yet?

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