Broken weapons (Bessie & Avenger)

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Have done some testing and observing on the bessie and avenger and have come to the conclusion that they both need to have certain parts to be able to exist or spawn in the enhanced version.

For example the Bessie will only spawn in the new game with the ‘Heavy’ accessory.
I’ve found 3 bessies and they all had this accessory. This explains why some bessies have come over and some haven’t.

Pic of a bessie from old game that I added the accessory to.

Now for the avenger from what I tested the avenger will only spawn/ exist in the game if it has the ‘Deathly’ accessory. This explains why my caustic and blast avenger didn’t make the cut.

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That’s good to know, I had only one Bessie out of 20 to survive the transfer, I’m going to check this as well.
And that means we have to mention this to some people from Gearbox to fix this.
@VaultHunter101 check this out!

P.S. I just checked and the only Bessie that survived the transfer has a Heavy acc, same goes for Avengers, the only Avenger I have now is one with Deathly acc

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Best way to do that is file a bug report.

I am wondering if this is a side effect of the changes made to add the new legendaries into the game, or just a simple oversight? There are so many possible loot combinations…

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According to my notes, my main Roland lost a Fearsome Bessie, a Long Bessie, and a Genocide Avenger in the transfer. Makes sense if they didn’t have the “right” accessories to make it through. I wouldn’t be able to tell a Heavy accessory from a hole in the ground, though… What prefix does a Bessie with it have?

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The prefox is variable depending on other stats, but the Heavy accessory is pretty visible as a chunky bar under the barrel, attached in two places, as opposed to the Long accessory which is longer and tends to glow, as well as being attached all the way along.

EDIT: Just watched over a video of a Bessie drop in the remaster, it also had Heavy accessory. More evidence.

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So that means that Bessie bacame even more rare then before…

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Awesome, that means higher chance to get a good Bessie then with it having fixed accessory now. Deathly acc for Avenger is great too, but that compromises elemental variations of gun.

I guess it’ll get fixed, so I’m wondering if it’s worth investing time for farming armory.

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not sure if it means the spawn rate changes, i can see how it would but i’ve found more bessies than anything else since enhanced

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I hope not, I want them coming with a Heavy acc all the time, but on the other hand it needs to be fixed…

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According to , Bessie have it’s own seperated parts table, which can be taken as confirmation that its drop rate is not affected.
p.s. I speculate that the tables are modified by removing the other accessories, so that’s why the guns disappeared when transfering user data (modded guns with parts not matching with parts tables gets removed by default). Avenger have it’s own parts table too that probably got tweaked.

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Thank you for this @Swan Good job! :acmaffirmative:

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