Brokenlands 3- Joey Ultraviolet

On this episode of Brokenlands 3, Joey Ultraviolet is bugged. Can’t defeat him, he’s stuck in his invulnerability stage.

Yay new DLC, new gear, new Mayhem levels, new anointments, let’s farm! Oh wait, the game is broken :rofl:. Thanks for another disappointment GB.


Theres a few glitches in that battle, to start, the mini-bosses can get launched through the door (cant shoot them out there), thors loot is unreachable, And Joey can get stuck at the beginning of invulnerabiliy - or at 1 hp


Its happend to me twice because of the midget underboss not dying no matter what

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You can also get the great luck of having a buddy system getting stuck inside a wall essentially making enemies unkillable as well. Lots of fun with this fully tested and totally not rushed mayhem 2.0 stuff Kappa

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Those should absolutely be affected by singularity grenades; atleast it would be fixable - or set a timer? Then it could atleast act as though they have to charge

Literally anything that would make them not be horrendously broken would be great lol Most of the time it’s just a nice little shot or two and then poof you carry on, but man the shear frequency these things get stuck in walls or behind geometry you can’t see them or shoot them is absolutely INSANE! And the worst part is I find it to be one of the more tolerable modifiers in that difficulty so I keep it on because it’s less infuriating than the others IMHO lol I’m not gonna even start on how the spam of damage numbers and IMMUNE flashing on teh screen makes these things a PITA to shoot sometimes because boy is that a whole other visual clutter rabbit hole many including myself have complained about lol

Agreed; combined with freeztag; much better than sneaky death skulls ruinning my looting

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What you don’t like skulls that make no noise, have 20 billion hit points, don’t show up on the minimap, can instantly down you, spawn delayed from enemies you kill sometimes so you think it’s safe and can hit you from off camera without you even realizing? Who would have ever thought lol Apparently obviously bad ideas aren’t as obvious at Gearbox as they are under my own roof :confused:


It’s random when the mini guard bosses won’t die. we had to restart the fight tonight after just beating it 30min prior without quitting the game. on PC.

Another dumb thing about that fight is the robot boss up on the ledges drops legendary weapons you can’t access.

Meyhem mode is totally bonkers tonight too. We had it on 6 and hardly found any legendaries in the Joey fight and in other random map areas, but when turned down to 2 they were dropping like flies, along with loot midgets who dropped even more.

I’ve run into that issue with the bugged boss and minibosses. Often fast traveling to the start or dying and starting over will solve it. The main culprit seems to be Tyrone. If I damage him too much the first time he drops down, he stays at zero health and won’t die unless I die or fast travel to the start to reset Joey’s arena.

Also I have noticed that lower Mayhem levels seem to drop dedicated loot more often than the max level. I had this issue pre Mayhem 2.0 and it seems to still exist to varying degrees. Almost everything I spend hours farming on the old M4 levels, would drop on the first or second run if I dropped to M2.

I haven’t done as extensive testing on Mayhem 2.0, because the power difference is so vast, but I imagine that a lower Mayhem level would still yield equal or higher drop rates.