Broodmother still isn't spawning

I’ve read that in order to get Broodmother to spawn you must go out and kill all the enemies in ‘The Pyre of Stars’. I loaded in from the beginning of the map, ran through the entire area killing all enemies and she spawned! Sadly the attempts after that didn’t do the same thing, I’ve made sure every enemy on the way to her location was killed and still she didn’t always spawn. She’s part of Hammerlocks Hunt crew challenge so why isn’t she spawning all the time like every other Hammerlock enemy? I just wanna farm Scourges in peace ;-;

Supposedly you should only need to kill the enemies outside of her chamber, but I haven’t tried this myself. Guessing she’s bugged.

I tried a few runs at her the other night and it was the first time I never got her to spawn.
Oddly enough the enemies in the first room, just back over the cliff, had repsawned every time.

Outside of her chamber as in, the enemies to the left of the spawn station outside of her chamber?

I had the same problem. Maybe they didn’t switch her up when they fixed all the other rare spawn enemies. Just save and quit and she should spawn at some point. It took me 5-10 times before she spawned for me