Brother in Arms Next release

Hey Gearbox Staff,

I was wondering why the Next Brother in Arms was released… Brother in Arms : Hell’s highway was awesome game.

But then Brother in Arms : Furious 4 was in headlines… I saw the trailer and was thinking “what hell is this ■■■■??”… That game is seriously a joke for BIA series.

Just wanna ask when will next BiA series will be released.

Thank you

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Thank you…it is little confusing here :confused:

Nothing official yet, but Gearbox CEO, Randy Pitchford posted this tweet a month ago.
About Furious 4, they said something about a completely new game series, without BiA in its title. But, since that, nothing.
Would love some WWII Nazi killing with RPG elements <3

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Holy ■■■■. I didn’t know Randy posted that tweet before. I feel tingly inside! I’m … I’m kinda looking forward to E3 now :o I shouldn’t get my hopes up though :frowning:

Maybe there’s hope for a Christmas release!!

Well I was really hoping to hear something by Christmas, seeing how this is when the Battle Of The Buldge was happening back in 1944, but I guess it’s not to be. But it sure would be nice to hear something positive from GB. Throw us a Christmas bone will ya???

Maybe next years E3? That’s when most big announcements happen.