Brothers in Arms 4

Best gearbox,

I’m writing here this post, because I found some old posts about the next Brothers in Arms. After the last brothers in Arms (2008), I didn’t see/ hear information about the upcomming BiA. Can a forum moderator / Admin or someone from the dev team please give me Some information?

I’m waiting more then 10 years, to know exactly how the story Will end. in my eyes it was one of the best ww2 games, not because it was a whole other gameplay but also it is one of the best game, with a beautifull story, what I ever have played.

I Will wait patient for a response, like i already doing since 2008.

I hope to hear from you soon gearbox.

Us mods don’t have access to any game development info, I’m afraid. That stuff is down to Gearbox alone.

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Randy Pitchford (GBX CEO) responded to several people on Twitter that new BiA is in development. And it’s not going to be published by Ubisoft, but by Gearbox Publishing.
That’s all we know so far.

Thabo you Guys for the reply. Stil no amswers… just an annoucement of BL3…


this is so great to hear, the Brothers in Arms games were/are terrific games with unique gameplay…I’d love to see where they go with this, but I imagine it’ll be awhile with Borderlands 3 being their main focus right now…even better to hear they are self publishing

The best bet that we may seems to have is wait next year and hope that they were announced Brothers in Arms 4 considering how Borderlands is on this year spotlight.

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