Brothers in Arms Glitch with new graphics cards

So some of you have noticed that when shooting the Germans in single player, they will often disappear or stretch. This is easily noticeable in silence the guns mission, as the first Germans will disappear after being shot.
WELL, turns out that the problem goes away when the performance settings are turned down. This never was an issue for me until upgrading graphics cards. So yeah looks like BIA road to hill 30 is incompatible with high end cards. :frowning: I’ll be looking o figure out what can be done to correct this, if anyone else has any ideas feel free to post as well.
At least we know the problem wasn’t caused by the warzone mod.

I also thought later, that this problem could be related directly with the game performance itself - i.e not enough RAM to process some advanced special effects (like explosions) “on the run” during the play.

Rendroc stated officially in his Command Mod readme, that his mod would require additional resources to run smoothly (especially with all those extra troops on German and US side) and i think that he was right. The player need to adjust some menu settings to run the whole game smoothly, when using the mod for both BiA:RtH30 and BiA:EiB games.

As i am playing those games on my old HP Laptop (which is weak in compare to nowadays hardware), the loss in performance is very noticeable (Windows Vista OS, 2 GB RAM, Dual Core 1,5 GHZ processor). I could also confirm, that the problem mentioned by jmoney1 was not related only to Command Mod, because it occurred earlier too.

I’m sure 4 gigs of ram and gtx 970 is enough for this game even with warzone. So not sure why highest settings makes Germans disappear instantly after being shot. Even though game runs at 60fps

So it might just be incompatible with the newer graphics cards

Anyone else have a modern graphics card?

No problem with the GT630M or the Intel HD graphics 4600…
I’ll test the game with my GTX770 4gd5 ASAP…I just need a digital input monitor to use it! XD

oh haha lucky you… For the most part the game works well. Just every now and then germans will disappear when shot in rth30…but no biggie.