Brothers in Arms (hi)story

I open this thread to talk about the story of and behind Brothers in Arms.
This thread may contain spoilers (Well, Hell’s Highway came out in September 2009…I guess everybody played it already)

I have a doubt: Why the second and the third squad of the 502 became a reconnaissance squad? Is it historically correct?

I haven’t played HH, nor do I want to.

Am I the only person who hates Dawson?

I think everybody dislike Dawson…but why not to play the whole game?

Ok, here’s the explaination.

I’m pretty sure that’s fan fiction. Unless there’s some lore I haven’t discovered yet, maybe the editor got that from the comics, could be.

However, it has to be taken as the official version, since there are no other true explainations IMHO…

It appears to me that the BIA story is loosely following the mini series Band Of Brothers R2H30 and EIB were about the D-Day landings behind the lines, and HH was about Market Garden, and the end of HH pretty much tells you the next game is going to be in The Battle Of The Bulge.

Well, Band of brothers talks about the same events of BiA…that’s history XD

Well, usually Gearbox wanted to focus Brothers in Arms into reality like they been always been trying to. I guess that they decided to continue because really the first game is based on true story and in the ending on that one they said there an interview for the second game which take place right after Carentan. Now Market-Garden I have no clue what Gearbox or the developers are up to because the game mainly focus on Baker and Baker alone, his PTHD and combat fungus.

To much of your concern, I dislike Dawson, Leggett was a jerk and McCeary is still kind of an as%hole.:smile:

Any objections?

Well, the next BiA should be about the Bastogne\Ardennes episodes.
I agree with you about Dawson,
About Leggett, well…I think he was just not strong enough.
…And McCreary is kinda anonymous, IMHO

Think hard about Leggett, he convinced Baker to tell the other about Allen and Garnett’s death [I know it was Dawson too but what the point?].

What I should think for the Bastogne episode is that Baker and his squad should find themselves fighting alongside with men from the Band of Brothers.
If that won’t work, then let Dawson die.