Brothers in Arms: Nine Days Earlier script

Hello there!
I found a video on youtube. It’s the “infamous” gameplay of the “nine days earlier” level.
Curious thing is: there is the whole original script on the video description!

I’m gonna copy and paste it here.

Leggett: Sarge, can I step outside and get my radio gear together?

> Mac: Stay put until I tell you, Leggett.

> Risner: You know three years ago you and I were sitting in your mom's living room talking about where we would be in a few years. Never thought it would be here, in the middle of all this. We made a promise to stick together, but I guess the Army had other plans. But now here we are. You bringing a group of boys, some of them too young to shave, into battle in parachutes. And I'm rolling in on a tank. But, I still made Sergeant before you did. So what happened with the last Sergeant - was it Saunderson?

> Leggett: Yeah, he broke his leg. We all know Baker didn't want to replace him, but Mac had other plans.

> Mac: You know Private Leggett, unless you want last minute latrine duty you would best keep your mouth shut.

> Leggett: WILCO, sir!

> Risner: Matt I've been meaning to ask you about something.

> Risner pulls out the Nickel-plated pistol*

> Risner: Come over for a second I want you to look at it.

> Baker looks away*

> Risner: Look! Well, damn it. I know you and your Dad didn't part on the best of terms.

> Leggett: Isn't your old man dead Baker?

> Risner: Thank you Private Leggett for that. What I mean is.. this got mailed to me after your father was killed in Anzio... with instructions that you were to have it.

> George tries to hand over the gun*

> Risner: Can't take it yet, huh? I guess I'll hang onto this then, until you're ready. It's a nice pistol anyway. I gotta run and get back to the tanks. See you guys in France.

> Mac: We should get moving as well. We got an entire country to invade. Baker, get outside and see how your guys are getting along.

> Baker steps out of the tent*

> Muzza: That's a damn nice handgun. Is that nickel plating?

> Risner: Stainless steel, Muzza. Okay, you've ogled enough. I have to go.

> Baker sees Red arguing with McCreary*

> Hartsock: Who asked your opinion, McCreary?

> Eisenhower: Easy there soldier, let' save some fight for the Germans.

> Eisenhower: What's your name soldier?

> Hartsock: Joe Hartsock, sir. Friends... well everyone calls me Red.

> Eisenhower: Is that your nickname?

> Hartsock: Yes sir.

> Eisenhower: Are you scared, son?

> Hartsock: No sir!

> Eisenhower: Well I am. Look up at me for a moment, son. You look a bit nervous

> Desola: You'd be nervous too if you took over as squad leader a week before the big jump.

> Eisenhower: Ah, I see. Well Sergeant...-Baker I'm sure the Nazi's will be the only ones sorry we put you in charge.
> I've got to keep moving. It's full victory, nothing less. Win this war and then get back to our families.

> Muzza: Ain't that something?

> McCreary: Guess he doesn't really know that the only family Baker's got is standing right here.

> Desola: What the hell are you talking about, Dale?

> McCreary: Ah, forget it.

> Desola: So what are the odds my chute won't open again?

> Obrieski: Technically one in a few hundred thousand, but with most of the Kraut army shootin' at us as we float down, half the men on this tarmac could be dead tomorrow morning.

> Zanovich: Half huh? I'm gonna miss you, Obi.

> Hartsock: Desola, you'll be fine, and I'll be fine, and we'll all make it.

> Zanovich: That's being a little optimistic. I mean if anyone has to be sacrificed I think it should be Obi.

> Hartsock: Okay guys, knock it off. We jump together. We all come home together. Baker! I've checked my guys. We're ready.
> ~Walks away~
> Hartsock: Let's see.. I got my parachute, my rifle, and.. this picture of my daughter. She just turned two.

> Desola: -and as you said, we'll all make it.

> Allen: Where's the chaplain? I need to clean my slate before we get in this flying bucket.

> Corrion: Probably off cleaning the slates of a few thousand others.

> Garnett: Is this about that waitress broad you found at that pub?

> Allen: No, its about why that waitress broad I found at the pub isn't on my list of people I want to see ever again.

> Garnett: Did she give you the ol' Victory or Death?

> Allen: Yup. Right before dropping. ■■■■■■■ unbelievable.

> Courtland: What's Victory or Death?

> Garnett: V.D. Courtland. ■■■■, I know you're from the boondocks and everything but do you actually know anything?

> Courtland: What's V.D.?

> Allen: Lord have mercy! Put me on the plane now before I start swinging!

> Mac: Enough chattin' boys, grab your gear. Everybody get on the plane and I'll see you on the ground.

Here’s the video:

I really want to try to remake this somehow.

The problem is either I’m lazy, didn’t search long enough, or I can’t find the audio files for it. Since I’m starting my school semester, It’s going to be tougher to research it.

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I doubt that the audio files are in the game files, though…

Was really sad when i found out this was cut, its indeed a nice prologue and intro to the characters.

if only there was a way to restore it :frowning:

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There’s a LOT of cut audio in RtH30. I was thinking of maybe restoring some of the audio that was cut (Leggett’s descent into madness can be heard in cut audio as he provokes the wrath of Mac by arguing over the life of the soldiers).

Once I’m finished brushing up on uniforms and little changes I’m going to try to aim to restore the audio.

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Do it man, we’ll be waiting.

Damn, good thing Allen die before AIDs get him.