Brothers In Arms R2H30/EIB SDK

(My Fake Name) #1

I created my first ever texture with very little experience on anything including photoshop (I only used the paint to edit).


(Currahee) #2

Wow, congrats on your success. So you are just going to put the textures on the characters faces?

(My Fake Name) #3

Thanks, and no that was just my first texture made for Corrion to make him look hurt. For now I might look up tutorials on photoshop and see what I can create from there.

(Currahee) #4

So while you’re at it, you are going to put in the modded version? I suppose that trying to have the textures shows up after the characters gets hurt is going to be a challenge. Right?

(My Fake Name) #5

I don’t know yet what I’m gonna do. Like I said I’m completely new to this and just trying to show my dedication to this game. I’m only a young guy (16) whose trying to learn some things. And adding in the blood at a certain point when they get hurt will require some good programming skills, which I don’t have.

(Currahee) #6

Wait, what? To be honest, I thought you would be older than 16. Being that young meaning a lot of talents (which I don’t have).

You got my respect, buddy.

(My Fake Name) #7

Thanks man