Brothers in Arms Screenshots and Media section


Hey guys, Warrior250 here.

I’ve noticed that there’s no thread here where people can post their screenshots and/or Media and Video gameplay.

–Read this–
Any media will be allowed, be it a mod, just having fun, or mapping and so on… as long as it’s Related to Brothers in Arms. :wink:

But I’d recommend making a Separate thread if you were to to post Mod development stuff.

So yeah… That’s all, I’m not really expecting a bunch load of Media to be uploaded in this thread but I guess it’ll work out sometime later.

Here’s some few of my hundred screenshots that I’ll upload here :smiley:

I lost my screenshots where I use @Marcomix’s Real weapons mod, dang… Those ones are “better.”

(queendracwraith) #2

I’ll just leave this link here:

Also, I may record a match or 2 with my new setup for CustomWeapons. Hip fire accuracy greatly increased (but not OP) making close-quarters tactics more viable and increased damage from weapons, so rare bullet sponge incidents.

EDIT: Here are 3 videos. Notice the higher damage levels and tighter groupings with hip fire that sometimes allows me to not need the iron sights.

(Marcomi X) #3

Here’s some screenshots with the ENB on:

Soon another MRW will be out, so get ready for new screenshots!

Now I have 2 questions:
-How did you managed to take screenshots without the “first person model”? Did you use a sort of noclip cheat?

-I found this image on the net:

It’s a pretty cool pic, but i didn’ t find a good quality version of this. Anyone have some ideas? where it can be found?


I have Three way cheat for my screenshots:

Actually, they can be found in the SDK Documents, in the Console cheats.
but here,
Setweaponhand center / hidden (self-explanatory)
hidehud 0 / 1 ( or On / Off )

Oh, Don’t forget the ‘Playersonly’ in most cases. :smiley:


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Ook, this may be OT…BUT
Guess who is the lucky owner of this baby ^^

(queendracwraith) #6

MarcomiX Real Weapons: MarcomiX’s Garand Version

(Marcomi X) #7

Well, actually, I Tried to make the finish of the reciever like the garand of my mod XD

Note the two different tones.

Here is my M1A1 Thompson to…but it’s a WIP

Ok, sorry for the OT… Now some screenshots!

(Marcomi X) #8


Finally , I was able to do one of my goals in my Porting task. I actually ported characters from EiB now!

Misc Characters.

2nd squad

Doyle (Cpl one)

I also fixed their uniforms… removing the Pfc patches off some pvt. Characters.


Porting them was never been easy, as I had to dig through animations and texture file to fix some files conflicts, but hey! I did it! I’m now working on porting weapons. It won’t be a cake walk… Though.

Oh side note, still haven’t got around adding the EiB voices yet, it’ll get me paranoid.


(Marcomi X) #10

…That’s Great! Do you think you can import the proper characters into the Hill 30 missions of Rth30?? That would be perfect to create a better link between the first two games!


That’s also one of my priorities. But I’m not sure whether I should remove Harstock out of my squad so that he is Independent and leads the 2nd squad himself, which requires scripting but more “immersiveness”. Or add up the 2nd Squad to my commandable units, which will make my squad composed of 2 BoF and 2 Assaults.

But I’m certain that I can add them up at the part Baker reinforces the American forces in the ditch, which ends the game.

However, I’m planning to give them some God mode, like those “Plot Armor” from Call of Duty games and etc. :slight_smile:

But as of now, there are some problems such as
Lack of weapons (Paddock uses M3A1 Grease gun most of the time, can’t give him a Thompson)

No voices for them yet, it’ll take a while for me to get their voices working… Which has a 50/50 chance to Paranoid me out :wink: but I’ll work on it eventually.


(Marcomi X) #12

About the voices, well…I doubt anyone will complaint if they’ll just shut up and shoot XD Expecially Friar will be more than happy about it!

For me, It will great even if you’ll manage to put them there…even if they won’t talk.

However…Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?

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Well, Ain’t you a one lucky soldier :wink:



A few bundled up shots, Doe seems to be featured so frequently.

(Marcomi X) #16

Doe is the new Baker XD

(Marcomi X) #17


Where were you able to find that?

And speaking of that Before the Jump images, here’s mine… taken off from EiB Main menu.

They’ve been lying in my Bandicam folder for a while now, wonder why i never thought about uploading them.


(Marcomi X) #19

They were in a texture package of RTH30, don’t remember the name

(Marcomi X) #20

Someone wants a Real REAL sights mod, that fix the problem with the low model view during the ADS and that guarantee a good compromise between gameplay and realism?
Note that the game runs at 1024x768!

But, hey…who whants 1024x768 when you can have 1600x900 and don’t have to sacrifice any part of your screen?