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(Marcomi X) #21

Of course, I developed an EiB version too

(Marcomi X) #22

New mod incoming:
This mod aims to reproduce the pose of a rifle as if it would be old from the hip and not from the shoulder.
I use an E3 demo of BiA HH as a reference:

Here are some examples:

(Marcomi X) #23

Here’s the link

(queendracwraith) #24

EiB version when?

(Marcomi X) #25

The “widescreen” patch is already out…
About the EiB version of the “hip” mod, well…I’m working on it! It will be out in 35-40 minutes! :wink:

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Here it is!

(vamilitaria4) #27

(Marcomi X) #28

Work in Progress


Are you using Hartsock’s late 1944 face texture (Hell’s Highway)? kinda doesn’t fit the theme of RTH30, for me… atleast.


(Marcomi X) #30

Well, I don’t agree…they’re still the same characters!
The main problem is another one:
Each character on RTH30 Has got more than one texture…HH has got only one per character. So, no more beard growing T.T

However, this is a project that I’ll make just in my free time…I won’t put too much effort in it. (damn beards…pride and weakness of us, brave men!)

Here’s Corrion and Red.

P.s.: Can’t wait to see the face modifications of the Haupmann mod!

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And here’s Mac (I know…He looks a little bit weird…but the texture matches the model perfectly)

(Marcomi X) #32

Allen and Garnett:





(Marcomi X) #33

Working on an HD Full texture pack…Well, dunno if and when I’m going to release it XD


Well, that sure looks nice. I tried but I was unable to get the detail shader to work correctly. With textures like what you have here, though, you probably wouldn’t need it.

(Marcomi X) #35

talking about the facial textures?


The dirt road there… That’s yours, right?

(Marcomi X) #37

Yes, it is…I’ll work on the grass, the wood and the hays, too!

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(Marcomi X) #40

After completing the Hill30 map, I loaded another one.
Sadly, don’t know why, Some of the textures and shaders of the other maps has been canceled…
If anyone knows how to fix this, please help me