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My guess is that if you were working on a package, you might have not fully loaded the entire package. As a result, it saved only what you had, and not what was there. That seems like the most likely thing because if some shaders/textures aren’t appearing in some maps, that means they might not exist anymore as textures/shaders.

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Thanks, now I am able to work on this again!

Here are the enhancements on the walls and houses near the Exit 4 (I didn’t changed any of the textures, due to keep the realism intact. I just increased the resolution and the contrast)


Some another stock images i found, not to mention i also discovered some of them dates back in February.

As far as i can tell, those screenshots were taken in “Fall of St.Come” chapter.

Oh and @MarcomiX I’ll send you the file that contains Baker’s EiB head, if you still need it.


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Yeah, as you know, I’m working to an “HD” mod to BiA…I’ll really appreciate it!
(of course, your name will be on the mod’s description, when I’ll publish it)
My e-mail is
Or you can just upload the file on a hosting site, if it’s not too heavy :slight_smile:



Don’t worry, i just got access to my burried MediaFire account. I’m working on packing it now.


@Marcomix. It’s pretty easy to port the face actually, you can do it yourself. Too.


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Thanks Warrior! :wink:

Here’s some pics of the Dead Man’s Corner…

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Warrior, How do I extract the model to import it in the K_character_us package?
Tried to extract it using umodel, but I had no luck…


Somewhere around the Mesh category, you can find a rename.

It works just like importing a texture, which you may have some expertise with.


(Marcomi X) #50

Done, Thanks again!

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The german infantry ported into the source engine :


You used a generic citizen face from HL2 don’t you? Nonetheless, nice work mate! I would like to see a one for Gmod. (Unless that shot is taken from Gmod :slight_smile: )


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You got it right, I took the shot in Gmod, you can find all the german soldiers uniforms on the workshop.

(Marcomi X) #54

How did you export the mesh?

(vamilitaria4) #55

Ididn’t do it myself, someone did it 3 years ago but never told anyone how


Play testing Commandmod version 4.38
3/4 M3 Grease Fireteam, lol.


Corrion’s head texture was from EiB, but i still used the head in RtH30 since there’s not much difference when i ported it.

Some designs i used to put in my ModDB Page, i’ll post it here since it’s related to BiA anyway.

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The Battle for Panzer Hill
Map: Bunkers, German Fire Team

I modified the squad layout for Bunkers. Each squad (before multiplication from ****ZoneMP) has an additional soldier (3 squadmates) and different weapon layouts that expands the arsenals of both sides (bazooka, both sniper rifles, FG42 scoped, Panzerfaust, additional grenades).

The name comes from the large amount of Panzerfausts used in the battle. The brutal fighting centered around the first gun on the hill overlooking the entire battlefield. As the defender, it’s extremely important to control the locations of the explosives. Once they are brought near one of the guns, the Americans will launch a relentless assault directly on the gun from all sides. The Americans can move close to the gun and have adequate cover for moving close. Situational awareness is key since there isn’t just one avenue of approach.

The first gun is difficult to save in a long and drawn out battle. Part of this is due to its location away from the German spawn, increasing response time as the timer counts down. Assaulting it when the Americans control it is extremely difficult since they have cover and a height advantage.

(queendracwraith) #58

Smoke and Mirrors
Map: Ammo Depot, German Fire Team

Named for all of the smoke grenades used that not only obscured my view of everything, but also kill my framerate. Oh, don’t forget about the dust from all the rockets as well…

Playing defense on this map is hell. The enemy keeps coming in large numbers and from all directions. I start with a forward defense focused on keeping the explosives fixed in one place and limiting its movement as much as possible. However, the enemy will eventually overwhelm you and probably get the explosives to at least one of the targets.

Once the explosives are on the top of the hill, the battle changes. Due to the spawn locations, the enemy will attack from the front and the left (facing the American spawn from the hill). Due to the sheer number of enemy troops, it’s easy for them to take out the ammo crates through attrition. Essentially, playing defense is a race against time to kill all of the enemy.

Notice I don’t use a lot of sighted view in this fight. This is due to needing to put a lot of bullets downrange very quickly. I’m usually shooting at groups and am trying to kill if not weaken them before they manage to get close. Sighted view at times would slow me down and render my fire ineffective at times (thankfully I made hip fire more precise, thanks @Rendroc). If the enemy had 2 explosives… this would probably be way worse.


A short play of my Cole’s Charge map with Rendroc’s latest v4.38 (You can hear the WarZone soldiers screaming schiesse now. Just like in EIB.)

Play 2

Lag is immense, you have been warned.

I used some other sounds (mainly from Call of Duty 2 and default sound files) in this map, and it’s heavily modified so I think I can’t release it without having the people to do some efforts in the files.

Nothing much’s really new here, just a couple of new sound effects for immersion and used some German characters not used in RTH30 before. (Ported from EiB, they are frequently used in the sequel)

I suddenly don’t know why @MarcomiX’s weapon retexture mod stopped working for me, when I get it ingame the weapon textures are all mashed up. Though I may have missed something, but I think I can get it fixed.

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How can you get though?

Been looking for some.

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Super new here. I downloaded the COD2 ENB and don’t know where to add the files? I added it to this directory (Steam\steamapps\common\Brothers in Arms Road to Hill 30\System)

What to do next? I set the UseEffect to 1 inside the Enbseries.ini but nothing changes. The enb doesn’t work yet. I would like some help to clear up what I am doing wrong. Please and Thank you in advance.